Monday, February 07, 2011

Quilts for Queensland

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had decided to make some blocks to contribute towards Quilts for Queensland. Since both Nell and myself were planning on sending in some blocks, we decided to dedicate a few of our crafting days to the project.

Last week we managed to cut and piece a pink/blue/yellow top. The fabrics I choose were from my friend Kayscha when she destashed a while back, it was nice to be able to pay the kindness forward and use a few of them to make a quilt for such a great cause.

We also decided that it will be far easier for us to send in completed quilts where possible, or at least tops - a little less work for Corrie to co-ordinate getting our blocks pieced and quilted as well as all the others I'm sure she has arriving daily.

Today the first top was quilted by Nell, and we almost finished piecing another . We only had Jazz and Maddy here helping us today. Maddy sat and 'helped' quilt the top for a bit,

and Jazz helped out by documenting some of the goings on with the camera.
I didn't manage to get photos of the girls collecting up and running away with all the blocks after we had finally settled on how we wanted to arrange them, or my little miss hiding out in Maddy's pram having a sneaky suck on her dummy. Jazz is on day three of going dummy free, and seeing Maddy with hers and then seeing it just lying there was too much of a temptation for her. Im pleased to report, that after a rough time getting her off to sleep last night with out it, there were no tears at all tonight, straight into bed and off to sleep!

They both loved snuggling under the almost completed first quilt! It had been backed with polar fleece and quilted in a wavy grid pattern. It will be a wonderful snuggle quilt for a little person.

I will share some pics of todays purple and pink (yes I know I don't do purple, but so many little girls seem to love the pink/purple combo!) quilt top as soon as I add the finishing touches, and Nell has a few stunning fresh, modern 'hoot' blocks that she is going to add to and make into a top soon as well.


Nell said...

Oh the girls look soooo cute!!! I can feel a beautiful page layout coming on - might have to get you to copy the photos for me! Thanks for another great day!

MY SPACE said...

I am delighted that the gorgeousness of those fabrics were put to such a wonderful use. Well done Nic, you have a huge heart!!! xxx