Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Time for School

Monday 11pm - the uniforms are ironed, shoes polished, bags packed full of carefully named and covered books, pencil cases are filled to the brim with bundles of brand new pencils, textas, pens and rulers, everything is organised and ready to go.

Tuesday morning there are not one, not two, but three boys all ready to start a new school year. Caleb is in year 9 at high school, Nathan in year 7, his final year of primary school, and my little man started in Reception.
He looked so small next to his big brothers, and his backpack looks huge slung on his back, but he was excited to be finally able to call himself a school boy.
He hurried from the car, and we happily unpacked his books into his tray and went out for a quick play. Once the bell went he became a little hesitant, and was fighting back the tears a couple of times. But,when it actually came time for me to leave, he gave me a kiss and a big smile, and headed off into his classroom. I was so proud of him.
When we arrived to pick him up, we saw a slightly worried looking little face peering out the window next to the lockers. As soon as he spotted us, his face lit up with the biggest smile. He proudly presented me with the picture he had just drawn, and told me about his art lesson and everything else that had happened in his day. I know from experience to treasure all this sharing of information - too soon I know the answer to my question - what did you do at school today? will be a simple "not much".
He took great pride in showing Daddy his classroom, and where his desk and locker were.

He is lucky to be in a practically new classroom block. Its so spacious, and his teacher has done a wonderful job of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in her classroom. It is a perfect transitional space from the relative freedom of his kindergarten, to the more formal expectations of the school setting.

I'm sure it wont be long before standing on tiptoes to drink from the water fountain will be a distant memory for the both of us.
Wednesday - Today was day two. There was still a little hesitation, but nothing that a few reassuring cuddles didn't fix! You should have seen his face beaming with pride when we arrived this morning and the beautiful pictures they had created yesterday were already proudly adorning the wall.
Tonight there was the excitement of readers and communication books, and much retelling of the rules and how everything is organised in his classroom. His enthusiasm is contagious! He will sleep soundly tonight, and awake refreshed and ready for day three tomorrow.


Christie said...

You look so organised, Nic. Mine go tomorrow and we've just changed schools at the last minute. Talk about disorganised! It looks like your little fella will settle in just fine.

Eloise said...

Cute!! Beautiful post Nic :)

MY SPACE said...

Aw, look at those handsome fellas of yours!!! Love the pic of the shirts and everything laid out x