Saturday, March 19, 2011

hello, remember me?

Ive been a very slack blogger this month. I have been spending too much time on facebook, so if you want to know what Ive been up to in the last couple of weeks, here it is in status updates...

Nic Wood...
...count your blessings every single day, you just never know what tomorrow will bring.

...bought a crusty grain loaf to have with our slow cooker for tea - I just went to cut a slice for the little ones and its 95% gone...ggrrrrrrr to after school and after work vultures! enjoying just how peaceful the house is with everyone sleeping

...missing ipod, missing keys, missing remote - all found in the nest of the little pink bower bird of the house! At least I know her stash spot now and know where to start looking when things go missing!

...A sign of things to come !?! As I put Jazz into the car after school drop offs Monday morning she says to me ... "Muuuuum" "I like boys" ...'tis terribly cute that she has her first boy crush on one of Isaac's mates! Not quite so sure how cute I will think the same scenario is in about 10 years time!!!

...thinks its going to be a good weekend!

...U 14 cricket grand final today and tomorrow - good luck boys

....just finished kitten proofing the laundry ready for a gorgeous fluffy addition to the family tomorrow! There is much excitement in the air - well from most members of the family anyway;)

...really needs a hug....trouble is, the mood I'm in, if anyone comes that close to me they may not survive!!!! ................deep breaths and calm thoughts.................

...thanks for all the love yesterday girls - today is a new day and yes I'm definitely in my happy place this morning!!! I feel like an excited little school girl - final day of the boys cricket grand final this morning and our new little pussy arrives this afternoon !!!!

...its a girl ♥ - and she has stolen my heart already. so, so cute ♥

...had a wonderful weekend! Nothing better than spending time with friends xxx

...I'm pretty sure shopping for footy boots with Caleb this morning isn't going to be that much fun!!! what was I thinking!?! comforting a kitten who is freaking about the washing machine (want to get used to that darlin' !) and a sooky three year old who perhaps thinks the kitten is getting a little too much of her Mummy's attention

...anyone that uses MCN, check these out! Almost makes me want another just to get some more cute nappies - even a boy...those little monsters rock! (yes sadly I do miss our nappies!)

...boys and their toys ***rolls eyes***

...knackered! I DO NOT understand how people enjoy running!

...might have to become friendly with the local butcher (oh that's right, I already am ;) ) on to a high iron diet for me to try and get these iron levels up. At least Ive managed to nearly triple my vit D levels since last time (they were REALLY low!) to keep them there.

...just gave the husband a little facebook lesson - I will convert him eventually! did we survive before laptops and youtube to keep us amused- curled up on the lounge and been transported back 20 years listening to reo speedwagon and foriegner

...what a beautiful morning :)

...a glass of white, dukkah, and sunshine - nice afternoon, if only I could get the racing cars turned off the tv!

...tired, grumpy children + no babysitters = no cricket presentations for me :(

As you can see, Ive been keeping busy. Lots of eating, drinking and laughing with friends, which Ive really enjoyed. Its really nice to be getting some sort of social life back after all these years, and I'm blessed to have a great group of friends. Im going to yoga once a week and I'm walking 5km three or four times a week and loving it, Ive found someone to walk and talk with occasionally and really enjoyed the grown up company, its nice to just be me instead of someones Mum or wife sometimes! I even tried running the other night (because it was getting dark) and didn't love it at all! Ive been spending a day every couple of weeks with Nell, sewing, or working on Jacintas crochet rug, drinking coffee and chatting. The kids have finished cricket and started football, and this school term is over half way through. We have redecorated the lounge room - new chairs, new tv cabinet etc, and its a space I really enjoy spending time in.

I have busy times and quiet times, and I feel as though I'm beginning to attain a little of that life balance that was my goal for this year.
I feel happy.
I feel content.
Life is good.


The Handmaden said...

I was wondering what you've been up to!
What a lovely, positive post - glad to hear things are going so well for you.

red in oz said...

You have been busy! Sounds like life is good though, take care. Esther