Sunday, March 13, 2011

stolen my heart

A few weeks ago we were invited to friends for a BBQ. They had the two most gorgeous kittens. Well one thing led to another and after a few drinks, it was Craig who was all enthusiastic about us getting one as well. He is so not a cat person, and despite the fact I am, I have never pushed the point and got a kitten. It looks as though the stars were aligned right for me though, as there just happenend to be an extremely gorgeous little kitten available from the next litter, and our friends could pick it up for us, so I said yes. It did take a little sweet talking to convince the man of the house that it was a good idea..I think the excitement of two little ones got me across the line there!!!

On Sunday 13th March we welcomed 'fluffy' to our home. She is a gorgeous kitten, and is even softening the hardest hearts in the family! She is getting used to the hustle and bustle of the kids, and loves to cuddle up with me on the lounge at night once they are all in bed. She has the little ones in fits of laughter with her kitten sillyness.

She has definately stolen my heart!