Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gratitiude journal - friendships

I am blessed to have some of the best friends that any one could ever wish for - you know the sort, friends that know you better than you know yourself, they can make you laugh even when your crying on the inside,  they are happy to be just be a little crazy, and make feel like you never really grew up, they know when to remind you that you are great, just the way you are,  they forget the stupid things you do (until its convenient for them to drag it back up and have you laugh about it)  and treasure the little everyday things. Its an unconditional mutual bond that runs deep.   Friends like this don't come along every day, they are truly a gift to your soul,  to be cherished. You know they will be part of your life for a long, long time - no matter what.  They just will.  They don't question your decisions, they support your choice to make them - and then celebrate your successes or stand back waiting to catch you when you fall. They make you smile. They make your heart happy, and most importantly, they feel exactly the same way about you!