Saturday, April 02, 2011


To my beautiful little princess,

I'm not sure how in the blink of an eye we went from this...

to this...

I have so many precious memories of you over the past three years.

Holding you close to me for the very first time; of all those late night feeds when there was just you and I, totally content with each others company; of seeing you crawl and walk, and now watching as you ride your bike and laugh and play.

You have really made our lives and family complete darling.  I love the way you so totally embrace the fact that you are beautiful, doesn't matter if you are covered in mud or dressed to go out, you accept it, and you know you are beautiful.  How I wish I could keep that in your heart forever.  No matter where you are, no matter what you do in life my darling, hold tight to that confidence in yourself. 

Just before you turned three, the bond between you and your dummy was finally broken.  You spent a night at Auntie Vics while Daddy and I were away at a concert.  You didn't ask for the dummy, and so Auntie Vic didn't offer it to you.  When I arrived to pick you up the next day, we threw it in the bin at her place.  Just as well, because once you were home to the familiar bedtime routine, all you wanted was your dummy.  I stayed strong and persevered and it only took a few (long) nights for you to self settle with out it.  You had relied on the dummy to comfort you for so long, that there have been lots of tears since it has been gone.  You don't ask for the dummy, but without it, you still struggle to calm yourself easily when you get upset. 

Isaac began school this year, and you have been a little lost at home with out him. You start asking about 10.00am if its time to pick the boys up from school yet.  You are learning to play on your own.  It makes me smile, watching you talk to your dolls and Teddy's as you make up pretend games with them.  I hear my own words coming form your mouth as you gently settle them or tuck them in for a nap.  Although sometimes I also hear as they are told off for doing something they shouldn't.  It is all so cute to listen too.  I must admit, I'm even starting to enjoy playing dolls with you sometimes, even dressing them can be kind of fun in small doses!  You are ticklish and have a giggle that is contagious.  You are loud. You are wary around most people, but if you decide that you like someone, then they are your friend from that point on!   You have your first 'boy friend', one of Isaac's mates called Charlie. You talk about him all the time, and call out hello to him when ever you see him.  It is so cute.  Sometimes you will walk up to me and rub my arm, or cuddle me and melt my heart with a sweet little "I love you too Mummy".  Ahhhh that's what life is all about my sweet little girl, and always know that I love you too!

Now that Isaac is bringing home readers, and immersing himself in the joys of learning to read and write, you too are wanting to be part of that.  Our bedtime story always involves me reading the story to you, and then you reading it to me.  You have started drawing and writing.  We often find your little circles drawn on any piece of paper you can find around the house.  It is a sweet little reminder of your growing presence around the place.  You are generally fairly layed back, but you often yell at your brothers to make yourself heard, and are quite often found trying to boss them around!   You love being involved in what ever I am doing, and as you get older are able to be more and more helpful. You wake up far to early, and rarely have an afternoon sleep any more.  By the time Daddy gets home, you are usually tired and cranky and spend half the time crying over not much...he calls you a tear factory!

I'm sure that being three will be such fun for you.  Will will work our way through learning to share, learning strategies to avoid the inevitable three year old melt downs and starting pre entry at kindy in last term.  Until then, I will just treasure these days we have at home together, and remember how lucky I am to be able to spend them with you. 

I love you soooooooo much Jazz

Mummy xxx

PS - sorry  about this appearing in the wrong place - the new blog editor doesnt publish when you saved the draft like the old one (ie back dated)...bit of a pain really! 


red in oz said...

Happy birthday to your big three year old! only one more month of twos here, it's sad and exciting in equal measure.

Car said...

Happy Birthday to your little princess!