Friday, August 12, 2011

Crafty Day

Wednesday I spent the day with my friend Nell.  We planned on getting together once a fortnight this year to do something crafty - worked for a while, but then life started getting in the way!  We try to do it as often as we can though.  Today, after a trip to my local op shop, and a yummy lunch of homemade soup and pasties, Nell finished a crochet beanie, and knitted a scarf.  I flicked through some craft books and then got stuck into making an A4 notebook cover to gift to a little friend who is turning 8 in a few weeks.  I had seen one with a denim pocket on the front and knew I wanted to give it a go. 

A pair of denim shorts from the op shop - with a cute printed pocket, and a piece lining fabric in her favourite colour (purple) and I was set.  As usual, no pattern, so it took a bit of fiddling to remember how it all needed to go together.I added a little hand stitching to the pocket before I attached it.   Im really happy with how it turned out, and it looks super cute with a set of mini gel pens tucked in the pocket.

With a pile of scraps and a little time before school pick ups I decided to whip up a zippered bag to match.  I put in my first ever zip, and although its not done perfectly, it is functional and with the addition of a purple fabric ruffle, the little bag looks very cute.  Not sure if this will go with the journal, or get popped in my bag to hold my lip glosses...i suspect it will be gifted and i will make another minus the purple (which is so not my favourite colour!) for me.  


Nell said...

Must do it again real soon! Although this week it is all about CM and Champers and Pampers planning ;(

Christie said...

It looks gorgeous, and it's thrifty too, love it!