Sunday, August 21, 2011

thoughts on being 40...

I cant believe that in just a few weeks I will be turning 41...where did that last year go?  I cant complain though, I know many people wish they were a different age, but, Ive been really happy with being 40, its been a pretty good year for me.  If I look back on my life, I'm happy with being just where I am.  If I had to choose another stage of my life to revisit...maybe about 20 years or so ago, to when I was young and life was simple and carefree might be, this time 20 years ago i was about to turn 21, single, and studying my teaching degree at uni....seems like a lifetime ago!   But I love my beautiful family, and have surrounded myself with wonderful friends, and I am more than content with right here and now, even with the increasing amount of grey hair ( it has been around for about the last 10 years, I'm sort of used to that - but yes i still colour it and cover it up), the skin that is definitely starting to show signs of aging lol and all those other little signs that seem to happen as we age.  In general I'm OK with all that.

The past year has been one that has seen me grow as a person. Ive learned to be content with who I am, Ive tried to look after myself a little better, both emotionally and physically; Ive made a point of trying to connect with my family and friends, and to really appreciate what an important part each of them is in my life and my heart.  A lot of this was due to taking part in a programme called 'one month to live' It refocused me on what the really important things are, it made me look into myself and ask some hard questions, it made me truly value the friends that i have had forever, and cemented the place of a few new friends firmly in my life, It reminded me to dream, it reminded me to tell all those that are important to me how much they mean to me, and how much i love them, often; it focused me on believing in myself and made me realise that I'm very blessed to have pretty much always known my path in life, to have been able to follow that path and to have had the unconditional love of family and friends all the way.  It made me examine and attempt to put the way i feel into words, sometimes a real struggle for me.  Ive never liked talking on front of a group, and this involved a lot of that - cant say it got any easier, but with some gentle encouragement I did it.

As I enjoy these last few weeks of being 40,  Im also looking forward to embracing the next year of my life and everything it may entail.  Life goes on, and Im ready to enjoy the ride!


Mamie Girl said...

I have to giggle because this morning I woke up and realised that there is only 10 wks till I turn 28 and I had a little freak out!So much that I want to do before I turn thirty, I can only hope that there are lots of wonderful lessons ahead.Life is short, love is now.