Monday, January 02, 2012

12 WIPs in 2012

WIP challenge 2012...getting some things finished.

12 WIP's in 2012

AJ is hosting a challenge through her blog to get a some of our unfinished items done - one a month for this year - I'm up for the challenge. Click on the button above to get all the details on how to join up from her blog.

* Nathans train and animal quilt, top completed (was supposed to be for his 5th birthday...mmmmm he is now 13 oops!)
* Scrap bag quilt, top completed.
* Purple quilt, add borders to top (was destined for Quilts for QLD, so hurry up and finish and send it, or finish and donate it somewhere else)
* Hunky Dory D9P blocks to make into a quilt top
* Dark country fabric blocks (which I no longer like) - do something with!
* Jacinta's single bed quilt - already cut (try and finish for her birthday)
* Isaac's single bed quilt - designed and waiting for the final cutting to be done
* Crochet blanket...keep on slogging away!

edited to add
* Lily & Will charm square quilt - top needs borders added

I will add to this list as I come across more WIP !


MY SPACE said...

I am glad we will all reconnect through this. Have missed my quilty buddies! xx

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