Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a beach holiday

Last week was spent relaxing at the beach house at Pt Elliott.  We all went down on the Saturday and Sunday, then because Craig had to work all week, he and Caleb came back home Monday.  I had a couple of very relaxing days with Nathn, Isaac & Jacinta and then met a friend a Strath and picked Caleb back up Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday Ali and the kids arrived, Friday night Craig returned and Saturday morning Peter finally made it.  I had lots of photos to share, but blogger wont play nice, so if you would like to see waht we got upto then here is a link to an album Ive upoaded to facebook - enjoy!!!
CLICK HERE to see the photos.


MY SPACE said...

I missed your blog posts, but just giving you a little reminder that I love your blog as well as your FB page xxx

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