Monday, February 19, 2007

15 months

Dear Isaac

Since Mummy didn't get around to writing you a letter at fourteen months,
this will be a catch up of the last couple of months.

The biggest milestone you reached during this period was leaning to walk. At first it was just a couple of wobbly steps with lots of encouragement from us. In the last week or so you have been walking most of the time, all this practice is paying off, your getting quite confident now. You even attempt the cutest little run. It looks so unco-ordinated, your arms flap around madly and your little legs dont seem to be moving in time with the rest of your body - Im so scared your just going to run straight into things at this speed and hurt yourself.

You move so quickly that its getting hard to get a decent picture of you. Ive got heaps of you dissapearing out of the frame, or lunging toward the camera!

Your moods have been all over the place, and your eating is terrible. If its fruit (or anything sweet) you will always eat it, but most other things you have gone right off. I think its got a lot to do with those molars which are still slowly pushing their way through. You hands and toys are constantly being chewed on, or your dummy is in your mouth, and your dribbling a lot. You have been unsettled while your sleeping as well. Not enough to wake you, but enough to effect your mood in the mornings. You had a bit of a tummy bug a couple of days ago, and thats made your eating patterns go down hill even further. Oh well when your hungry I suppose you will eat.

We have quite a bit of hot summer weather and you have delighted in being able to go swimming in Auntie Mandy’s pool on a regular basis. You wear your little wahoo vest and arm floaties and your off. You like to kick around all by yourself, but Mummy or Daddy still like to stay nice and close, just in case. We have also been to the beach which you loved. You show no fear of the water, Im not sure if that is a blessing or not! You still love the bath, and start pulling at your clothes as soon as anyone mentions the word bath. You love pouring water from your bath toys, splashing, catching the bubbles, sucking the water from the face washer - Mummy thinks thst really yucky - and playing with the empty shampoo and baby bath bottles.Once your in there I spend most of my time trying to stop you pulling the plug out. You have a fascination with the water going down the plug hole, and the added attraction of wanting to poke your fingers down there too! The biggest problem at bath time is that you get really cranky when its time to get out of the bath, so Id really rather you left that plug in place as long as possible.

Your still sleeping right through the night, well you do stir but you dont need us to help you
re settle, you can get yourself back to sleep. You have a warm bottle (bot-bot) of milk when you wake in the mornings, another before your afternoon sleep, and another at bedtime. You settle easily (most of the time) with a bot-bot, dummy and your precious Teddy.
Teddy is starting to get that slightlt bedraggled look of a well loved friend. He had a 'bath' in the washing machine again the other day. He was becoming a dull shade of grey, Id forgotten what a lovely cream colour his fur was supposed to be. The next day we had to do it all again after you threw up all over him. Poor teddy!

Im constantly amazed by the number of things you take notice of. I let you push the button to put the garage door down one day, now every time I get you out of your car seat, you point to the button and grunt at me to let you do it again. Today when we went to visit Grandma you looked up at her kitchen window, pointed, smiled and grunted...last time we visited she came and knocked on the window and waved to you as we were getting out of the car. You pick up the game boys and know that you need to push the little buttons, you love the remote controls and their little buttons as well. You love opening the cupboards and drawers, and want to be in the kitchen under my feet when ever Im in there. The things that amuse you the most at the moment are everyday things. Paper tubes, cups, stubby holders — you love putting your toys in these. What ever we have you want! You want to drink from our glasses, eat from our plates, and try to put on our shoes...don't grow up to quickly my little man, enjoy all your baby things for a bit longer yet. You love to imitate. When we had your cousin Georgia over the other day, you took great joy in being able to push her around in a nappy box, just like your big brothers do to you. You love to hand me the towels and clothes when Im folding the washing, the only trouble is you dont deferentiate very well between the piles that need to be folded and the piles that are already folded. It only takes you seconds to start grabbing the already folded clothes and unfolding them. You think your being helpful though, and its really sweet...just hope it lasts!When I filled the watering can to water the fernery the other day, you appeared grunting beside me with your little watering wanted it filled so you could help too. Needless to say you ended up wetter than the pots!

You have also shown how quickly you can turn into a screaming mess if you don't get your own way. Getting out of the bath and coming in from outside are two things that usually start you off. Couple this with tiredness and you can get yourself really worked up!
Your still not saying much. You manage to get everything you need by grunting and pointing and squealing, so I guess you don't really see the point. You can say mum & dad (if you feel like it) you can make a piggy grunting noise (snorting through your nose), meow (eow, with the cutest little enunciation) like a pussy cat and woof (oof) like a puppy. You point to the sky when you hear a plane, and look for the source of any noise you hear. You know what we are saying to you and can respond to simple tasks like looking for your shoes or dummy when we ask. The squealing is driving us all crazy. It’s a high pitched loud squeal designed to get attention...and you will keep doing it until you get that attention too!

I love you my little man, and Im really enjoying spending my days with you.

All my love Mummy xxxx


Shazz said...

awwww nic....i have to stop reading yours and kathie's blogs on the same day. more tears from me - not sad ones but those wonderful one's you get when you know you are witnessing something special. i hope your little guys grow up to be great mates like you girls - although i would pass on sharing the gastro bugs girls LOL
those pics of isaac standing on the chair are exquisite. he such a handsome little guy - but you probably knew that already *WINK*

have a great day xxoo

Anonymous said...

That letter was just beautiful Nic.

We're all so lucky that you share these with us, they are so special.

The photos are gorgeous! He's growing up too fast.

Take Care

Mel Diener said...

Beautifully written Nic, love all your photos here too, especially the last one of Isaac on the chair, that is awesome girl.

kathie said...

You take such awesome photos of Isaac. I get quite envious and want some of them too! Just of Jamie, lol.
I love reading your letters just after I've written mine to J, because they really are unkannily similar - from going off everything but fruit, that plug fetish they seem to have going on, to the folding (or unfolding) of the washing. I guess you get that when you have two little guys that are born 2 days apart. Sorry about the gastro :(.

Nat-Mardon said...

Love reading these letters, as ualual, can't beleive he's already 15 months old!! And how similar are his and Jamie's development, its so cute!

I love love love those 'studio' look pics - did you take those ones?? gorgeous!!!