Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Catch Up

I cant believe how long since I blogged. The forum & gallery are now up and running at Scrapbook Station. Why dont you pop over for a look and a chat. There are a lovely group of very friendly and chatty ladies over there, and we would love lots of new people to join us.
As a bit of an inscentive to get you all over there, I will offer a little give away to someone. I have a gorgeous 7 gypsies express stamp to give away. All you have to do is find and leave a comment on one of my LOs in the DT gallery. I will put all the names in the hat and draw out a winner next Wednesday. ( OK I know Im not a 'famous'..for want of a better word...scrapper, and there arnt that many people who visit my little blog, but I was going to RAK this to someone anyway, so I may as well have a bit of fun first LOL)

Isaac is walking everywhere now. Ive hardly seen that gorgeous little, bum in the air, crawl in the last couple of days - I miss it already!!!

He has been a bit grumpy lately and off his food - I think its teeth (LOL Kathie) he has four molars all cutting at once ...still...there are two that are part way through, and the others are still coming. Poor little thing, it must be so sore!

The other two have settled back into the school routine really well. they both like the teachers they have, which helps a lot too. It still difficult to workIsaacs sleeping routines around shool times, but we are getting there.
We celebrated my Nannas 91st birthday the other weekend. Its wonderful to watch her with the littlies, but hard to believe there is a whole 90 years between her and Isaac!!!! They were born in different centuries LOL She was looking really well. She has her good weeks and her bad weeks, but I guess thats to be expected!!! Her sister turned 100 a few days later!


SamD said...

My Caleb has that same shirt that Isaac is wearing - it was one of my favourites for so long :)BTW - who says you're not a famous scrapper :)

Mardi said...

Your Nanna looks fabulous!!....very young for her age..... I would not have guessed she was in her 90's.
Glad your kids have settled into back into school....
Mardi x

Mel Diener said... great does your Nanna look for 91???

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Wow Issace is getting around now, soooo cute! Ok hide the stuff! lol! I know this age to well, lol!

Thanks for the ST tip, wow about the gallery!

Love us Adelaide chics!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Ignore the name mistake above! lol!

Jahnava said...

Hey ive already commented on your layouts hehe

and yes i was thinking that too about your Nanna she looks great!

janinek said...

You're just trying to look popular in the gallery!! ROFLMAO!!!!! And rubbing it in to me cause I can't comment!!