Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Top 10

Last year I participated in a challenge set by Ali to post your fave 10 LOs. On her blog she has challenged us to do this again. Youve probably seen it on quite a few blogs recently as people take up the challenge, this is the basic guidelines she set....

I want you all to post in your blogs 10 of your layouts.

It doesn't matter if you've already uploaded them to your blog before - just think of it as giving us all a "refresher".

Now - these 10 layouts - they have to be a *certain* 10.
I want to see the 10 layouts which are either:
(a) your favourite 10 layouts;
(b) the 10 layouts that you're most proud of;
(c) 10 layouts that have some really special significance*** ;
(d) a combination of any of the above!

*** I know that *all* our pages are special and signficant - but i'm referring to those layouts that really have that extra "meaning" to you...

It was actually quite difficult. A couple of my favourites I included last year, so they were out. A couple are due for publication soon, so they were out and my two most favourite LOs ever (for now!) - one is for Scrapbook Stations next DT challenge so I cant share that yet, and the other I got really brave and subbed to CK in the states, and now get to play the waiting game, so that was out too.. LOL... but here goes....

Why this LO ? I did this as part of my EDM album. I love the glittery letters, and the doodling, and the way I managed to capture the joy and excitement in the photo!

Why this LO ? This photo just makes me happy every time I see it. My girl friend caught this tender moment between my oldest & youngest at the end of a very busy baptism day. Its so filled with love.

Why this LO ? Another photo Ive always loved. Its my Dad. Many years ago. I dont aften scrap heritage pics, so maybe thats why Im particularly drawn to this LO. It also reminds me of how important it is to record the story behind my photos now. It was so difficult for mum & dad to try and work out where they actually were when this photo was taken.

Why this LO ? This one is definately about the journaling. It records the differing realtionships I have with each of my three boys. It was prompted by this photo, and the way it uncanilly captures this.

Why this LO ? Cause it managed to get a full double page spread in this months FK. Its only about the second LO I have managed to get accepted by FK, so I was thrilled to see it in print, and SO big LOL. I didnt buy the mag, as I was waitong for the contributers copy, but while we were away on the weekend DH came back from the newsagents one day with it...he had no idea that his bubba was staring in it, and was quite excited when I showed him.

Why these two LOs ? Love the photos, Love the fact Ive recorded the tradition of our annaul australia day breaky with my mum & dad. Love that I can look back at this and compare it to the next LO ... so many things the same, same celebration, same place, and yet so much changes in just one year. I want to be able to record this day anually.

Why this LO ? Even though there are only about three and a half years between the three of us, I never in a million years thought that we would all be pregnant at the same time. Three sisters, three bellies, and three babys...precious. So glad I recorded this. Its not a stunning LO, but I love what its recorded.

Why this LO ? Im not a lover of old china and glass wear, and yet I adore this cup & saucer set from my Nanna, it brings back so many childhood memories. I also loved that I could include the lace doilies of hers on this as well.

Why this LO ? Ive breastfed all three boys, yet its not something I ever thought of recording on film, or journaling about. So glad I have this. Love also that Nathan took the photo for me.

Why this LO ? It feels like some days that all these two boys do is annoy each other and argue over nothing. So I love that Ive captured them being such great brothers and mates and having so much fun together.


kathie said...

Wow Nic, I loved seeing all these layouts together. There were a few new ones in there for me. Love the one in FK this month!

Mel Diener said...

These are ALL fantastic Nic. Love the comparison with Isaac on Australia day...gorgeous. I did a similar thing with Shaylah on our annual easter trip to Pt Lincoln. It's amazing the change in a single year isn't it.

Megan said...

FANTASTIC NIC!!! I love these, love them all.

Megan xx

Louise said...

Oh Nic
What a truly devine top 10!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your Top 10 they're all gorgeous.


Mardi said...

What a truly wonderful Top 10 Nic...just fabulous seeing them all together...
Mardi x

Chrissy said...

Hey there Nic, love all your chosen LOs, they are simply beautiful! LOVE the LO of the three bubba bellies like that, how very special! :-)

Take care!
Chrissy xx

Mel said...

Such great layouts Nic! I love your style - and it was so amazing to see the difference a year has made between your Australia Day pages... I gotta admit I love the latest one - keep it up girl!

Vicky said...

Awesome top10 just awesome.
Love how I've just captured a glimps of your life in the hills.
All layout have such beautiful memories, just beautiful.

janinek said...

Love them all Nic and I do love your current DT LO for SS!! Great top 10.

Lee said...

Nic,they are gorgeous, thanks for sharing them