Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lisa's blog challenge

Recently Lisa set a blog challenge on the Scrapbook Station Forum. We have to post a pic on our blogs of a favourite thing around our house. I decided to get on to it this morning. I wandered around the house, room, by room, trying to decide on a favourite. My house is full of things I could have taken a photo of, but the thing that stood out to me, the thing that instantly makes me feel happy when I see them are some of my kids pieces of art that I have around the house. One is on the wall in the playroom, Nathan has several of his proudly displayed on his bedroom wall, Calebs was sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me to get it laminated or framed to hang up, and Isaacs was on the bench...we only did it this morning!!!

Nathan 2003 - Self portrait

Nathan 2004 - Flowers

Nathan 2006 - Abstact portrait

Caleb 2006 - Waves

Isaac 2007 - Lines

I love the innocence and sense of fun in kids paintings, I always have. They are so uninhibited when they are young. They love what they do, and are so incredibly artitic and free. Such a shame that we loose this confidence SO quickly, especially when its not appreciated or nurtured. Ive worked with three year olds who are reluctant to make mistakes when they draw or paint...I dont think they have ever had adults who appreciate their abilities, and realise that the actual process of creating and doing is so much more important than the finished result...but that the finished result still really matters to the artist and should be cherished!

Thanks for the challenge Lisa - it was fun! So glad I have these special pieces recorded somewhere too. Eventually they will all go into my mini labum of things that make me smile that I started in Zinas class at CE (and still havnt finished)

***how exciting I just had a courier drop off a big box of goodies for me. I entered a comp on the huggies web site and won a prize. Its a beach bag, pooh bear hoodie towel, water saftey book, little swimmers, change mats, wipes, sunscreen, baby lotion and bath wash. All will come in very handy...probably next year though LOL, I think swimming season might be over here now***


kathie said...

I dunno. Its pretty warm down here this morning. A quick dip would be lovely!
Loved the kidlets' art pieces. I would have them hanging on my walls any day. Loved the waves painting - he got the white froth perfectly!
And of course, I loved Isaac's masterpiece :). I have a line "sketch" of Jamie's.

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Wow thanks for doing it Nic! You pick the topic next cool>? The art is really awesome wow!!!! They would look amazing on the wall ;)

Owen (7) loves art, well he did when he was little ;) This is what I did with all of his art work! (link below). I did it a few years back! ;)


Mel Diener said...

Gorgeous stuff Nic. I'm still getting around to doing mine..slack I know lol

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it!!

Those pics from the boys are great - had to crack up at Isaacs though, gorgeous!!!

Megan said...

Nic!!! Those paintings and drawing are amazing...what talent lies within those little bodies.

And how cool to have won all those goodies. Congrats!

lydell Quin said...

So cool! You have a household full of Artists in the making. You might find you have to share your supplies in years to come! (ahhhh)
Congrats on your win!!!