Tuesday, March 13, 2007


SO....much fun taking the boys to the bike track on Monday

So...confident...thats Caleb
So...proud that he eventually got BOTH wheels off the ground over a jump

So...cautious...thats Nathan

so...hard to pedal up the big hills on a bike thats getting too small for you
so...much more confident by the time we finished
so...darn cute..thats Isaac
so....not a little baby any more :( I see a little boy sitting where my baby should be..whats going on???!!!

As you can see we had a great time at the bike track. Craig had to work Monday so it was just the boys and I. I had a lovely time taking pics of them all. Found out the back of the station wagon (with the back up!) makes a great little photo studio, great light, nice black background... Isaac and I sat in there together for ages watching the others whizz past. We did venture out to one of the seats near the centre of the track, but I was a little concerned that he was going to bolt out onto the track as a bike came over the jump...much safer with drinks and snacks in the back of the car!!! LOL are you sick of the litttle bonds hoodie yet??? I seem to be getting lots of pics of him in this...its my fave atm!
We spent Sunday veging out. It was the only day Craig had off over the long weekend, so we just hung around home and relaxed. I think it may have been encouraged by a bit of a late night Saturday night. We had Kathie, Phil & Jamie up for dinner, We had a fantastic night...sat chating till about 1am. Going to bed that late does make the morning come very quickly though. I dont know how many of you manage to scrap till that hour (and later) night after night...says me who is sitting here at midnight writing my blog! Maybe Im just getting old !?!
Tonight I went to a CM mystery party. (A good frind of mine is a CM consultant, and is totally respectful of my style and scrapping preferences, as I am of hers) we made a quick little card/ mini LO, I want to add a few bits (of my stuff LOL) to mine, and then I will post a pic. CM actually have a few funky papers, and a cool photo album that I was really impressed with too.
I should get to bed, its tommorrow already!


Nat-Mardon said...

I am always in awe of the beautiful photos you take Nic - esp of Isaac lately. Everything is so great, the lighting etc! Love em!! Wish I knew how to get that effect on my camera too... I'm so clueless really.

Jahnava said...

Love al the photos nic.... lol on the cautious and pushing bike on the hill how cute!

Mel Diener said...

Sounds like the perfect long weekend. These photos are great, how come my action shots never turn out this good?

kathie said...

Great photos, Nic.
We had a great time on Sat night too. And with the hour long journey home, I wasn't in bed before 2am, so I know where you're coming from about the whole morning thing coming round way too quick.

Mardi said...

Beautiful photos Nic.... fantatsic action shots...and loved your post wording too...
Mardi x

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Issac is just a precious doll! He looks like a baby boy doll! He is adorable, I love his straight blond hair!

I should take my boys to a dirt track I think they would like that!

Glad u had a lovely night with Kathie! So awesome, glad u are having fun! ;)

Love me xoxox

Susan said...

the bike track looks so much fun! My son just got his first bike and I can see him loving this sort of stuff!