Sunday, March 04, 2007

A couple more

Just a quick share of a couple of my latest LOs The first one is for the current portal on SS - would have been part of my top 10, Love the pic! The second is a pic of Caleb from our recent trip to Wallaroo. Im trying to scrap a bit more of all of the kids. Whilst doing my EDM album my scrapping was heavily weighted to LOs of Isaac. I really need to start documenting more of the other two boys lives as well...even though its near impossible to get them to stand still for any sort of pics atm without some serious bribery happening LOL

We just returned from seeing Walking with Dinosaurs - absolutely awesome show. THe older two loved it, we loved it,and Isaac, despite not being the slightest bit worried by the noise, huge dinosars etc seemed more interested in all the lights (he has a thing for lights atm - always pointing and grunting at them) he was so tired he fell asleep mid way through...the sound was so loud Nathan was putting his hands over his ears, and there is Isaac, laying spread across Craigs and my laps with his teddy sound asleep. He had got to the point he was so tired he didnt know who he wanted to sit on, and bascially dropped off half way over the two of us - too cute. He jumped when the T Rex came out and roared, but didnt wake.

Yesterday the boys had their final official cricket game. I took lots of action shots of them all so I can do up a little story board for each of the kids for presentation night in a couple of weeks. Here are Caleb & Nathans.

It looks like Im working my way backward through my week LOL Friday I caught up with Janine at SS and then with Kathie, Mel & Kate for a few hours of scrapping. Time went so quickly, and I got very little done, but it was a great day, I love catching up with these girls. Got to see some of Kates scrumptious creations again - her work is so textural and scrummy, no photo could ever do it justice! Isaac got to catch up with his little mate Jamie, and spent quite some time smooching Charlotte and having a play with Georgia. Despite my best intentions of geting a photo of all of us, I only remembered to pull the camera out once and snapped this pic of these two gorgeous little boys! They look like Ive caught them doing something they shouldnt be dont they!Kathie and I were discussing our boys eating habbits. The two of them are usually so predictably similar, but Jamie has been eating enourmous amounts, and Isaac has been eating hardly anything. Until yesterday LOL I think Jamie must have had a little word in his ear for me. For tea last night he had an easy mac with crushed tomatoes, tuna and a whole egg through it..he was still hungry...a petit miam..he was still hungry...a pear...he was still hungry....a bowl of hot chips....he was still hungry...a piece of bread....he was OK. but still had full bottle of milk before bed. I dont know where he puts it all! This is from the child who the other day had 3/4 small banana for breakfast, 8 sultanas for lunch and 1/2 peacharine for tea, and wouldnt eat anything for weeks unless it was fruit. I had even resorted to mixing pasta through diced fruit, and putting chopped sweet potoato through diced fruit to get something else into him LOL

Thursday I took Isaac to one of the local playgroups for the first time. I realised how little I do with him at home...when the other two were little they were always having paints, playdough, drawing, pasting took going to PG for Isaac to have his first experience with playdough and paint - gotta say both were very short lived, he was much more interested in finding something to push around the room.


Vicky said...

Playgroup looks like fun!, and wow your layouts are amazing, love em to bits!
Well done!

kathie said...

LOL at the photo of both of them. Was Jamie eating? rofl. His cheeks are bulging!
I wouldn't worry too much about not having "done" things with Isaac yet. I still think they're a little bit young. Jamie doesn't show all that much interest in the play dough at playgroup either - except for poking holes in it with his fingers.
You know that I adore that LO of Isaac's little bum up in the air.

Mel Diener said...

Those layouts are fantastic Nic, you know I REALLY love the one of Isaacs bum lol, it's sooo cute.

Was great catching up with you on Friday, we don't do it NEARLY enough.

Lucky duck, I can't WAIT to see walking with the Dinosaurs, only three more sleeps lol.

Louise said...

Nic your 'bottom' LO is so terribly cute!!!!! Love it! :)

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Super cute LO's both of them! The way you have done the fishing rod in the pic is totally awesome! Love the bums up pic to, lol! (I found the crawling stage hard, I couldn't wait for my boys to walk). :)

Love me xoxox

Katie Toland said...

Oh nic I have so much to catch up on. Your layouts are gorgeous. Those two pics of Isaac on the chair, quite a few posts ago... DEVINE! You have to frame them! Also love the piccies of him having a whammie LOL. He's still adorable, (and I can't hear him LOL). But, yup, we are right in the middle of the whole two year thing too.

xx k

Nat-Mardon said...

Hey Nic! Love your layouts, especially the first one. My boy too crawls like that, I'll have to get some good snaps too - its such a good scrap subject!

Walking with Dinosaurs! We wanted to take Jai to see that but missed it all, oops... now I'm really bummed I didn't see it!

Ruthy said...

Isn't it amazing through scrappin and blogs how we get to watch other scrappin buddies children grow from pregnancy to beyond. You all have such beautiful children and I so loveeeee your scrappin style Nat, you rock!
Ruthy x

steph devlin said...

Nic. Has anybody told you that Issac is going to be a lady killer. OMG. Those eyes. That face !!! Watch that one..... so damn cute.

Super Cute layouts, both of them. I love seeing what you have done lately.

Steph xo