Sunday, June 24, 2007

Life Journal

Some more life journal pages.[It turns out these were the last photos the little camera took. I found a bargain at myer yesterday - Canon powershot A530 for $129! It is 5meg, 4 x zoom - apart from the extra mp it is pretty much the same as the 'old' one - great for the kids & DH, they dont have to learn how to use it!]

These are the other LOs I had in this months SM. My first article - for the telling tales feature - Journalling Boxes. A LO in the fabric gallery called Adored & an EK success product challenge, Follow me.


leewoodside said...

Love seeing all your Life Journal pages. I so need to get working on mine.

charmaine said...

your journal looks fantastic about being reconginsed :):)

I love your new look blog too...:)

kathie said...

Have fun with the new camera :).
Lovely layouts in SM, loved your journaling box article. Congratulations.

Mel said...

Forgive my late congrats on your cover and articles in SM - good on you Nic! It's really made me rethink about submitting again.

Oh and I'm loving those life journal pages - particularly the design of the one with Isaac and the red wagon - so cute!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Love all of out life journal pages Nic! I really love mini books atm. :D
Look at all of our stuff! Man you have been scrapbooking girl!
Once again congrats on the cover, it's awesome to see us Adeliade girls published. ;)

kerry said...

Congratulations Nick,i would have written sooner but my computer would not let me leave messages on anyones blog or i could not update mine.Great cover for sm and your mini book looks great i love doing mini books myself.Again congratulations on all your pubs.

janinek said...

Love your little book, what a great keepsake for your boys.

kathie said...

Hello lovie! It's about time you updated. I tagged you ;P
Check my blog

Katie Toland said...

Gorgeous pages Nic. Your pages are so inspiring. Love your photos. Looking at your stuff... just give me the warm fuzzies :) Makes me think of my everyday, and to notice the little stuff.

Hey, if I saw you on the street, I'd be screaming from afar. Everyone would know LOL. You never know when I'll come to SA ;)

steph devlin said...

Nic, so glad I dropped by. I life the whole concept of a life journal. What a wonderful idea. I love the pages you have done, journalling, design everything about it.

Congrats on the cover hon, it must be so exciting, you thouroughly deserve the honour.

Keep well.
Steph xo

Sharon said...

Just love your life journal, so much so that I am going to do something similar my self! Just a question, really like the little spiral bound book that you are using - can you tell me what sort it is? Couldn't find an email link to your blog, so hope you see this comment!