Wednesday, September 19, 2007

22 months

Goodness me little man, its only eight weeks until you turn two years old! Im really not ready for that!

This month has finally seen your spoken language skills developing. You will have a go at repeating nearly everything, and are trying to say a lot more words all the time. You wander around the house all day..."Muuuuummy, Muuuuummy, Muuuumy" - so cute, well at least it was for a couple of days, its starting to wear a bit thin now though! "Go away" was really one of the first things you said clearly, NO!, digdig (the diggers across the road atm) your own little version of grandma which sounds a bit like gama and which she just loves, "car", "juice", "ou sigh" (outside - your favourite place), "Daddy", "nana" (banana), "bo bo" (botbot/bottle) are just a few of the words we are hearing all the time. oohhh I nearly forgot you can also say "baby". When I ask wheres mummys baby, you point to your tummy and say baby, and you love to plant big kisses on mummys tummy and say oohhh baby - very cute. Im not so sure that you will be quite as excited once this baby arrives, and your position as the youngest and the total centre of attention is gone.

We have also caught up with your great nanna Green a couple of times in the past few months. She adores you as you always have big smiles for her, and are happy to sit on her lap and have a cuddle. You are so blessed to have three of your great grand parents still in your life, and even luckier that two of them are quite close by.

Its always fun to watch you playing with toys. Sometimes I find you playing with YOUR toys, you know the ones that are age appropriate, its so nice to see you sitting there, stacking and posting, and manipulating the parts of your many toys. You do love those that make noises and play music, and you know where the on/off switches are on them all too!!!! You love to turn the music on and dance away, or put your 'bob' hat on and get me to sing the bon the builder song while you dance. Most of the time I find you with a spider man toy, or a transformer, or the boys little lego blocks. I know you want to be just like your big brothers, in fact I think that you see yourself as just like them already, but there is so much time for that, so many years of a boys life filled with super heroes and action figures...lets just enjoy the delights of being a little boy for a while longer, that stage is so much more fleeting and everyday of it needs to be savoured.

By far your favourite place to be is outside. The days are getting longer, and the sun is getting that gorgeous spring warmth during the day. You are so happy pottering around in the yard. Riding your little bike, pretending to water the pots with the big watering can, pushing your trucks around the yard or digging in the sandpit.

You are starting to take a lot more intrerest in books as well. Your favourites are full of animals, or things with wheels. The one you enjoy most though is a story called 'theres a house inside my mummy'. Of course its all about a little boy whos Mummy is pregnant and then has a baby - a little brother - perhaps its an omen that we are going to be blessed with yet another little boy!
My gorgeous little Isaac, I love you - heaps!!!!
Mummy xxxx