Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More to share

Its been a while since I posted. Ive turned another year older in that time!!!! Happy Birthday also to Mel and Katie who have both had birthdays, and a HUGE Happy Birthday to my best friend Sabine, who officially is old again today LOL!!!! (Our birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart, but because she is a year older than me, we are the same age for those few weeks)
Ive been scrapping a bit. Here is a new one from the other week. "that scrapbook thing is exactly right" were Calebs words when he checked it out!

Not often a managed to snap a decent photo of him either - well decent except for all that mop of hair (which he loves) Im hoping he will have it all chopped off during the holidays - fingers crossed!!!

Ive also got this LO in the latest SM. It was a tinkering ink product challenge.


kathie said...

LOL I can see why you needed a girly photo for that Tinkering Ink product challenge. At least it gave you an excuse to scrap girly! It's always nice, isn't it.
Love your letter to Isaac this month too. I can so understand wanting him to not rush growing up. I had to go through Jamie's baby clothes this month, as I was unpacking boxes and it made me a bit wistful, seeing all those teeny little clothes that I loved, that he'll never fit into again.
Talking! How cute. He needs to come over and give Jamie some lessons.

janinek said...

I cant believe your little boy is almost 2!!! Where does that time go!! Talking now as well!!

Mardi said...

Happy Birthday Nic for whenever it was...and its always lovely to see your layouts...
Take care...
Mardi xx

Jahnava said...

Hey Nic!

Well i knoe i said it .... and it was a while ago but HAPPY BIRTHDAY again lol.... its funny when friends have a birthday near you and for like 2 days or a week its like yeh we are the same age lol.... Love the layouts too!