Wednesday, September 05, 2007

back in the swing of things

Its nice to be feeling good again. I missed blogging regularly, I missed scrapping regularly, I missed feeling like having fun with the kids, and believe it or not I even missed housework (well that was a VERY temporary feeling LOL). Morning sickness sucks!
Now we are back to regular programming, I got most of my housework done this morning and then scrapped again while Isaac slept. I had these papers out from yesterday...more photos from the other day as well...same colours, so I decided to use the stuff Id pulled out and not used on the spring LO! Much flowers (although I was tempted to use one right where the little circle of brads and star is!) Quick and simple, just 1 1/2 hours. Im terrible for placing things on the page and not wanting to stick them down, so today the challenge was to stick it all down as I went, and just keep adding to it. The most time consuming bit was painting the chipboard letters...I hate waiting for paint to dry! Lots of Junkitz & Scenic Route frm my EDM prize, which Ive hardly put a dent in yet! I even cleaned my desk up again after I finished - I honestly dont know how I get in such a mess!

The kids have their school variety night tonight. Each class does a small preformance. The boys seem quite excited about it....Im trying LOL


kathie said...

Wow, you're really getting into the scrapping again. You're starting to make me feel like I'm missing out on something, lol.

You did that LO in 90mins? great! I always dry my paint with the hairdryer. I can never have the patience to wait. Or the time!

Enjoy tonight. I'm sure you will, once you get there.

janinek said...

So good to hear you are over the morning sickness!! LO's look great too. How long till your morphology scan and are you going to find out the sex of bubby??

Mel said...

So cute, Nic! Glad you're feeling better...
Sometimes a good break (from scrapping) is all we need - I'm about to have a big one - 6 months at least, eek!

Take care,
Mel x

kerry said...

wow these are really great good to see that you are over your morning sickness.

Lisa Le-Ray said...

I have missed out on reading some of your blog!

Love your amazing little album!

Can't wait to see what u have! Maybe pink this time around>?

Love me

Lydell Quin said...

Your last few LO's look great! I have not scrapped in ages either...must get on to that. So glad you are feeling better now. There is not much worse IMO, than feeling just sick enough you don't feel like doing anything! (even nice things!!!) Your scrapping hasn't suffered in the least for losing your mojo!!!

Mardi said...

Hi Nic...great to hear you are feeling better...and scrapping again...take care..
Mardi x

ohh...and its lovely to see the slide show of your EDM album....its gorgeous...xx