Sunday, August 24, 2008

Six months

My sweet little cinta bug,

Every minute of everyday I feel blessed that we have such a sweet little girl as part of our lives. I remember back to the day of our 20 week ultrasound, and the lady telling us she was pretty certain that we were having a girl. It was confirmed by the senior radiographer, and by Dr Klomp, yet I still wasnt 100% convinced. I suppose I had become used to the fact that I had three beautiful boys. That was how I saw myself. A mother of boys. A little girl would be such a wonderful addition to our family though. It wasnt until after your arrival that it really sunk in. No they hadnt misread the ultrasound, I really did have a little girl. I could look forward to that special bond that only a mother and daughter can share.

Everytime I look into your beautiful blue eyes, they still amaze me. I had always imagined that the little baby I carried inside was going to have big brown eyes, just like Nathan. Yours were a bluey grey at birth, but as the days and months have gone by, they are definately developing into a stunning shade of blue. You look a lot like Nathan did as a baby, but often I see glimpses of Caleb or Isaac in the expressions on your face. People often comment that you look a lot like your brothers.
I just love that in the past six months you have managed to acumulate so many cute little nicnames. Everyone seems to have their own pet name for you. Mummy has lots, baby girl, little girl, cinta bug, and Jazz are a few of my favorites. Daddy calls you his little sweetness & Jazz bum, and your brothers mostly use cinta or just Jacinta.
You are still being exclusively breastfed. The time is nearing that we will have to start on solids, but your definately a boobie girl. Somtimes you feed really quickly, but sometimes I think its more comfort sucking as you snuggle up to me for ages, drifting in and out of a light sleep as you feed. I dont mind. Im enjoying the time to stop everything and sit and feed you. You really havnt taken to the bottle at all. Ive tried different bottles and teats, but you have refused them all. I did manage to get you to take a little expressed milk from a sipper cup, but you still weren't keen.

Ever since you were born you have loved to be patted off to sleep in my arms. Now that you have reached six months I know I should be helping you to learn to self settle, but it is so nice having you drift off to sleep snuggled against me. I love our little routine just as much as you, and I know I will miss these precious moments once you learn to put yourself to sleep. So just for now I will ignore what I should be doing and just enjoy it while it lasts.

Your other great comfort is your dummy. You still will only accept the cherry shaped latex teats, but Ive become used to them now. Its funny how you always manage to spin them around in your mouth and suck them sideways though!

You discovered your thumb a few months back and when you woke in the night would just pop it in your mouth and drift straight back to sleep. I dont know if its becoming more reliant on the dummy that has done it, but now if you wake in the night you want to be fed. You dont suck your thumb anymore, and you scream if I try to pop your dummy back in and sneak away. So for the last month we have been back into the routine of a 3am ish feed. Most of the time I really dont mind. It did take a bit to get back into the swing of it though after having a couple of months of you sleeping right through. Ive tried a top up feed before bed, waking you for a dreamfeed at about 11pm, and trying to resettle you back to sleep. Nothing so far has worked. Its far easier to give you a quick feed snuggled up on the lounge. Both of us get back to sleep much quicker that way.You are still sleeping in your cradle. It wont be much longer though, you reach out and grab the bars, and it makes a funny little noise when you wriggle around in the night. Until you start rolling around you seem quite comfortable in there. I think Im starting to cling to all those things that make you a tiny baby. your growing up so fast now, and knowing that you are definately our last addition to the family is making me want to hang on just that little bit tighter!

We are right into the swing of cloth nappying now. It just seems so normal. I dont think twice about walking out the door with you in cloth. It seems strange that when we started out I was almost scared to take you out of the house in cloth nappies. I would change you into a disposable before we left! We have a lovely little collection of nappies that really suit you, and even Daddy has changed a couple. We ahve reverted to a disposable over night. Im not sure why, but it just seemed easier than fitteds and covers, and I was having trouble fitting your PJs over the bulk of a night nappy. I should just pop you in one of your ittis for night, you are not a huge wetter, so Im sure it would cope! The boys have commented on how good it is that we can reuse nappies rather than just use disposables. I love that they are growing up with an awareness of the environment, and that there are other options to throw away products in our very disposable society. Your nappies look so bright and colourful packed into the basket on your bedroom as well.

You have only put on a little bit of weight again in the last month. You weigh 6.67kg now. Despite the fact that you look quite chubby, your weight gain over the last three months has been very slow. We have your 6mnth health check soon, so I will be able check your length as well, and see if that has been increasing at a similar rate. I often joke that you could have survived on those generous thighs you were born with for months...looks like thats what you've been doing.You have been wearing an amber bracelet for a while now. I got it from the states, and it is supposed to help with the discomforts of teething. It seems to have stopped a lot of the dribbling you were starting to do, but since none of your teeth have made an appearence yet, Im not sure of its effectiveness. You also have a cherry red one with a matching bring on those teeth so we can test them out.

Its funny how disproportionate the amount of pink that has appeared in our house is. Pink toys, pink blankets, and LOTS of pink clothes! All from a Mummy who was never really a pink person. How times change! You look so cute in your little denim dress and no means practical, but very cute! And it is one of the few things you have that isnt pink. Yes Mummy is having a lovely time dressing you sweetie! Most of your clothes are hand me downs or brought second hand. I cant see the point in buying new when I can get such good quality second hand stuff. Just like when I was dressing Isaac, I still have a massive Pumpkin patch addiction...I figure if Im going to buy new (after all I have to spend the vouchers I got when you were born) I will get bargains when PP have their clearance sales.

You have really been practicing your fine motor skills lately. You love the tags on your toys and blankets, so I made you a snuggly little taggy blanket. You love poking, pulling and chewing at all the brightly coloured tags.

You are not sitting unsupported yet, you usually just topple straight over. I managed to prop you up in the rocking chair to take some six month photos of you, you had bare feet and were mesmerised by your toes. I just love this photo of you, gazing lovingly at your adorable little feet.

You are bringing so much joy to all of our lives my sweet baby girl.

We all love you so much xxxx


Rachel said...

Hi, Had to post and let you know how much I can relate to you - our baby girl is 9 months old. Seems so strange after three boys :)
Love reading all about her.


Nat said...

So many beautiful photos o flittle Jazz. She's so gorgeous. And yes, she does look a little chubby, how can she be only 6.6kg!? She must be a little dot, but well-proportioned. I love her in her pink Itti!!
And like Rach too, I can see a piece of me with my little girl after 2 boys, it brings back memories of Lani 8 months ago (gosh, how did she get so big!)... I'm starting to get clucky again, but Greg won't have a bar of it! You'll have to help me convince him... what car do you have now?

anyway, thanks for the update, she's perfect. Oh, and I LOVE her bracelet. Lani has an engraved one here, maybe I should get it out and put it on her!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, when I read your journal here I feel myself nodding in agreement with everything you say! It is like a paralell life....except for the hand me down bit....I'm a buyer!!! LOL!