Sunday, December 07, 2008

The colours of christmas

For the last 14 years our Christmas tree has always been very traditional.

All the decorations are always red and gold.

This year I felt like a change.
I put the tree up last Sunday. The boxes full of decorations sat on the floor for a couple of days. Very unlike me, I love putting up the tree and decorating it..but something just didnt seem right.

Fushia, lime and silver were spinning around in my head, and no amount of trying to push that colour scheme aside inspired me to open those boxes of decorations.

The tree stayed naked for days. It looked rather bizzarr actually. A decorated Christmas tree looks stunning and festive. When there are no decorations to be seen, it looks a little odd to have a six foot green plastic tree in the middle of the living area.

I finally bit the bullet Wednesday and did a quick trip to the plaza. I scoured all the shops and came back with a lovley collection of fushia, lime and silver decorations (all shatterproof cheapies LOL)

After all if Jacintas first Christmas isnt a good enough excuse for a pretty (pink!) change what is!?!

The boys - including Craig ! - all think it looks fantastic, and I just LOVE it. So bright. So fresh. Who would ever have thought I could become so passionate about the colour pink LOL

Anyway I will be back once Ive taken some photos of the tree in all its decorated glory.
I will also have to take some piccies to share of Jacintas nursery mini 'make over' now she is in her cot...finally!

AND I will leave you tonight with the obligatory santa hat photos of the kids - all 4 of them! I took Jacintas and Isaacs quite a while ago, but ended up using others on my cards. I was thinking there would be no way I would get Nathan, and especially Caleb, to pose in a Santa hat this year - but I took it outside this afternoon and they were more than happy to co-operate - go figure!

and last of all.................just cause its so darn cute.......

Id taken Isaacs photos and was uploading them to the computer while he watched a DVD on the floor next to me. I tunred around and my heart just melted when I saw this - even Santas got to take a nap sometime!


Janinek said...

I officially have bauble envy atm! I really want silver and pink! Instead I have gold and cream and I don't think DH is going to let me get my way!! Your pics of the kids are just gorgeous. Jacinta looks adorable in her little hat!