Thursday, December 11, 2008


Its the last day of school today. Yesterday Nathan bought home most of his books. He didnt unpack his bag last night, so this morning he was doing it at the table. We get to the bottom of all the books, and art work, christmas cards, candy canes, and scrap paper (about 20 trees worth I think!) and in the bottom of his bag, along with all the crumbs etc are these!

With the cheekiest grin he informs he is collecting them! Nath often does things slightly differently to everyone else, and I couldnt resisit a photo. I popped them all into a dish to photograph. I was making comments about how strange it was to collect everyone elses empty (yes they are empty ones) glue sticks when he piped up next to me. "Oh thats not all of them, Ive got more. I collected them during the term and they are in a shoe box under my desk" hence all the rest around the dish! There are 27 of them.

Seriously weird!


kathie said...

LOL. Did he tell you why he decided to collect, of all things, glue sticks?