Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Craig and I hit the shops yesterday to try and get a big chunk of the Chrissy shopping finished. We took Jazz with us, and took her to see Father Christmas. She was fascinated with his beard, she was fascinated with the Christmas tree decorations, and generally quite bemused about the jolly man in red. He even commented on how nice it was to have a baby that old giggling and laughing on his knee instead of screaming in terror. I always take the kids to see Santa in Myer. They are great. They are more than happy to let you take pics with your own camera (mind you I only had the little point and shoot which was a little frustratng after being used to the DSLR!) and they even came after me to give me a the little paper hat & key ring gift as I forgot to get one on the way out! Its so nice that they are more than happy for kids to just visit with Santa - it feels like more of the spirit of Christmas than some places that wont even let you look at him if you arent going to buy there pics!