Tuesday, January 13, 2009

day 13


I was taking some photos today when this caught my eye -
the beauty of nature reflected in our sliding door.
I love living in the hills.

The grazed cheek, which by bed time was developing into a nice black eye, was the cause of lots of tears today. (This is why Mummy says DONT sit on the coffee table and DONT empty out Jacintas toy basket and use it to sit on in fromt of the TV.) He was sitting on the coffee table, slipped off, lost his footing and caught his cheek on the toy basket he had put there earlier! Im not sure if the pain was the worst thing, or the fact I held an ice block on there to try and stop the bruising and he wasnt allowed to eat it!!!


Janinek said...

Poor little lad!! Cant wait to see what the NEED to scrap created! Lots of great pics in your posts.

kathie said...

Ow. Poor fella. Hope it heals well.

Yeah, we MUST catch up. Seeing that photo - I need a trip to the hills :)