Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year and one little word

Cheers and Happy New Year to you all.

We welcomed in 2009 nice and quietly! My sister Jode and family came over for tea and a few quiet drinks. It was a lovely night, and the kidlets were all reasonably well behaved, although rather loud! The bigger ones all made it to midnight for poppers and sparklers.

So what do you do if your a three year old and having to have a bath and go to bed at 10pm on New Years Eve? Take your 3 year old cousin and your glowy sticks into the bath with you, turn the lights off and have a delighful time of course! It was so cute, they were so excited. Isaac spent all today talking about the 'colours' he had in the bath last night. (He even has the time right for a change. Anything that has happened in the past is refered to as happening "last night" at the moment.)

I hope you all had a happy and safe new years.


A couple of years ago I set myself a word to focus on for the year. One little word is a concept promoted by Ali Edwards on her blog, and Ive decided to join in again this year.

'My word' is organise.

Not a pretty word, nor a particularly inspirational word, but one which I feel is relevant to me right now.

I feel as though I need to organise, my life, my home, and my family in order to stay on top of all the stuff, physically and emotionally, that comes with being a family of 6.

Orgainse the house so that everything has a place (and hopefully makes its way back there after being used!)

Organise myself so I know when and where everyone is/should be/needs to be and how they are getting there and back and who is taking them and what they need etc.

Organise the family, so that everyone knows what they need to do to help out, and hopefully does it!

If we get more organised life should run a lot smoother for all of us and there should be more time to focus on spending time doing the fun stuff, the family stuff and the stuff for me that Id like to do.

Sounds good in theory - lets see how I do! I cant even find a diary that will be of practical use to me and assist in my organisational journey on a day to day basis. So Im in the process of designing and printing my own - my old diary lasts until tomorrow, so Ive still got time LOL

It needs to have room for family stuff, each persons individual stuff, to do lists, menu planning space, birthday reminders and more - I will make something that works!

Im also embarking on the ever popular photo a day challenge for January 2009. ( Ideally I would love to do 365 days and get a snapshot of the entire year, but I will see how I go for the first 30 days I think.)
I have to edit my photo's yet, so I will be back soon with that. Im going to give them their own posts. Ive decided to choose two photos from each day. One will be something and the other one will be someone.

Lastly I wanted to say a huge congratulations to Janine K for winning a place on the For Keeps elite team for this year and another massive congratualtions to my gorgeous friend Kathie - not only did she win the photography award in the FK awards for excellence, she is also one of the Scrapbooking Memories masters for 2009.


kathie said...

Thank you. Mwah.
I think I'd like to join you on the photo a day thing. I tried it last year and enjoyed it. For a week, I think. Let's see how far we can get this year hey?
Good luck with the organising!

Nell said...

Wow Nic, if you think you're unorganised then what hope have the rest of us got! I always thought your house was super organised (and secretly wondered where you hid all your "stuff" - you know the bits that don't seem to fit anywhere LOL) Good luck with the challenge. Love the photo of Jazz.