Wednesday, January 07, 2009

day 7


The influence of TV - one day on play school they made little people
from cardboard rolls. They stuffed paper and wool in the top for hair
and made faces on them. When ever Isaac gets hold of a cardboard
roll he rushes to bathroom for a tissue (his paper) and then off to the kitchen
bench for a texta to "make a eyes on him". todays man has unusually
recognisable features, and even includes a belly button!
***Sigh*** my little man is growing up.
Jacinta has never been keen on drinking from anything but me. Over the past month as the weather has warmed up, and obviously her level of thirst has incresed, Ive managed to get her to drink water from a bottle (we are working on a sippy cup now). the last few days she has finally woked out how to hold it AND tip it up to get her own drink.
***sigh again*** my little princess is growing up too!


Katie Toland said...

oh nic I love our PAD pics. LURVE the one of jacinta in the bowl... hahah that one is just too adorable! So glad to see you doing this. I need to update mine. I've taken the pics, but got incredibly slack (or tired) in the last few days and haven't uploaded them. Will do it though, hopefully tonight.

Love your word for the year too. Same as mine! I've made myself get strict with my diary this year too. I just got a business one from DH, with all the time slots in it, and fill it all in with what is happening at each time and how long it takes up etc. Works for us so far even if it's not that attractive:)

Happy new year to you darl. hope it's a wonderful one for you all. xx