Saturday, February 07, 2009

ninety three

Tuesday 3rd February 2009
Happy Birthday Nanna P

93 years

...2 children
...5 grand children
...11 (soon to be twelve!) great grand children
Its so easy to forget how blessed we are to still have both my Nannas with us.
I love that my children have had the chance to know their great grandparents, and that my Nannas have had the chance to know all my children.

May they both be blessed with health & happiness in 2009.
eta - As I viewed this post two things jumped straight into my mind...
1. Do you know I dont think Ive ever seen my Nanna not wearing any beads!
2. I had a giggle to myself - every year when we were kids Nanna (usually Pa when he was alive) would line us up for a photo of our birthday cake - always with some flowers she had picked from her garden for us....we would always roll our eyes in its me insisting she sit there smiling with her flowers and cake!!!!

.......and (just cause I love it) a picture of my [cheeky] little princess and my gorgeous Mum