Tuesday, February 10, 2009

what a mess !!!!

This morning Jacinta and I headed off to have some photos taken by the lovely Philly of Sweet Chilli Philly Photography. I met Philly a while back through the photography forum on eb, and met her irl at a get together in the botanic garderns last year. When I mentioned that I was thinking about getting a photographer to shoot a 1st birthday cake smash shoot, she kindly put her hand up to have a go.

It was so much fun. My little princess was FAR from a dainty elegant little cake eater though. She dove straight in - basically burying her entire face in the cake for every bite. I can't wait to see the results of the shoot! (eta Philly has some of the shots on her blog now )
Here is a quick snap of the shoot in progress.

... yes that mushy mess of crumbs in front of her was, just minutes before, a painstakingly decorated miniture birthday cake!!!! and despite her looking reasonably clean form this angle, the other side of her face was totally covered in cake!!!

Thanks Philly!!!


Nell Ward said...

Oh my goodness. We can't be thinking first birthdays already?!?!
i bet those photos will be awesome! Great idea!

Katie Toland said...

Awww Philly did your pics!! Can't wait to see them either :)

Shazz said...

OMG...i laughed til i had tears rolling down my cheeks....what classic pics they are nic. jacinta is just adorable - even covered in cake.
have a great sunday xxoo

Janinek said...

I went over to her blog and those pics are divine in a very messy sort of way!! Loved them.