Thursday, February 26, 2009

left over birthday cake

What do you do with left over birthday cake?
Cut out a mini cake, redecorate it, and have your own cake smash photo shoot of course!

I really wanted to have my own play around doing one of these on the day of Jacintas first birthday.

So we did! Here are the results...... (sorry there are SO many photos, I could narrow it down any further!)
The cake looks pretty good in the photo - trust me, in real life it looked pretty dodgy!

She loved the cake, but the rest of the day she was a bit miserable. True to form, and just like all her brothers, it turns out she was actually sick on her first birthday. A visit to the doctor yesterday confirmed my niggling suspicions that it was something more than teething or tiredness that was affecting her. The poor little mite has Tonsilitis. We are back off to the doctor this morning, after just one dose of antibiotics last night, she has woken up covered in a rash!


kathie said...

Beautiful photos. I love the ones of her feet surrounded by cake especially.

Oh dear. I hope she's on the mend soon. She was remarkably happy at her birthday party then, if she was sick!

meika said...

So gorgeous Nic! I would love to have a go at one of those too but I don't think mine would look as good as that!

Philly said...

You did a fab job Nic! I hope she had a great birthday apart from being sick. I hope she's better soon!

Janinek said...

These are so gorgeous and MESSY! Can't believe you little girl is one already! Boy time flies!

Belinda Smith said...

WOW ... I didnt realise that you had a bog. Love the stories and all the photos. I'll have to spend some more time reading.

Katie Toland said...

rofl I LOVE it Nic. She's just adorable. I love the one with the huge chunk of cake in her face LOL. So cute. Your doing great with your photography. Well done!