Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The older boys went back to school today. With just the three of us at home, we returned to our normal routines. I even managed to get both the kids down for a sleep at the same time. I took the chance of some uninterupted time to jump on the sewing machine again. Caleb is the only one that has missed out on having something sewn for him, so this is what is laying on his bed waiting for him to return home from school. New PJs. I hope they fit! It was Craigs birthday a week ago and while he was at work the kids and I wrapped presents and made a cake and even blew up a few balloons. I thought we were all finished when Isaac piped up - "we gotta have birthday flags" . He loved helping me make all the birthday bunting for Jacintas 1st birthday party, and now thinks that along with a cake, a party needs flags LOL
I remebered this newspaper bunting that I had seen. I chopped up some triangles of newspaper and let the kids loose with textas and crayons. They did a great job, and it was nice to see them all co-operating and working together...for a change!


Nat said...

The PJS look great Nic!! Your stitching is so freakin perfect!! Did you need to hem the applique or does the visoflex stop any fraying?? I love them! You make me very keen to be a SAHM again - there's so many things like that I want to do 'while they sleep'!!
Love what the kids created for Craig too - looks like he was spoilt with love!!

Mel said...

Love the Pj's, what fantastic material :) Gosh, any little boy would feel very special to be wearing these to bed at night! Well done! Mel xox

Nell said...

You are just the creative queen lately! Loved Jazz's sweet little dress too! That bunting is a great idea. What did you use for the tape/string?
Ah, day time sleeps, I remember sleeps...now I just have to rely on ABC kids LOL