Friday, July 24, 2009

17 months

To my darling little princess

As the days and months march on its hard to remember that just a short time ago you were that little new born bundle - Im so grateful to be able to look back over these letters to you - to reminicse over all the little things you no longer do, to be amazed by all the things that you have achieved, and to look forward to all that your life has in store for you in the future.

I thought by the time this letter was written I would finally be able to announce the fact you were walking, but have taken those first tentative and unbalanced steps, you are standing more often than not as you go about your day, but the actual walking is still not happening. In the last few days Ive watched you get up and take a few steps all by yourself. Its the first time Ive seen you do this with out prompting from one of us. You are beginning to realise that you can walk, and Im sure it wont be long until you are officially toddling around the place.

You love being outside, but because you are not walking its a bit hard to get out there much at the moment. We try and get to the playground when we can. You love to watch Isaac, and swing and climb onto everything.

You have discovered you can climb onto Isaacs rocking horse and have quickly become very proficient at rocking yourself on it. You think you are very clever.

Your room is nearly complete - its been so long in coming. We are doing the final bits & pieces. The holes from the old curtain rails etc were filled, and the other weekend Daddy & Isaac put a coat of paint on the walls to freshen them up. Ive finished all the art work for the walls. I love that you notice when ever a new piece gets put up, and that you are excited and point out the birdies and the butterflys around your room. All that needs to be finished is your quilt. The top needs quilting and binding. Ive dropped it at the shop, to be machine quilted with a pretty little flower and heart pattern - it should be back in about 4 weeks.

It is so cute watching you try and imitate what everyone else does. You try and brush your hair, you copy how Isaac washes himself in the bath, you try and put things away in the toy boxes while Im packing up, change the channel with the remote control, and attempt to help fold the washing (which is very NOT helpful). The other day Nath was playing on the xbox when you spotted the other controller. You grabbed it, sat yourself up, and while looking at the screen started trying to push the buttons. You dont miss a thing!
It hasnt taken you long to work out an effective way of expressing your self if you are being annoyed by your brothers. You pull this face and let out a mighty yell. You dont scream or squeel, its a cross, dont mess with me sort of yell. Very un-lady like!
Last week I attempted to make my first ever dress for you. It looks so gorgeous on you, I cant wait till summer arrives and you can wear it.

Your last eye tooth finally cut this month. Hopefully thats it...until the two year old molars start to make their presence felt!
Its been a busy month. Two weeks of school holidays, we have celebrated Mandy, Monice, Isaac & Daddys birthdays and also welcomed your new little cousin, Bailey Jack, to the world. Lots of family time. You got lots of cuddles form Nanna & Pappa who returned from an eight week trip away...they couldnt believe how much you had grown up, or that you're still not walking yet!!!
You have started getting really cuddly and Im loving it- who could ask for anything more from you than all those precious sloppy kisses and cuddles.
I love you baby girl, so, so much!!!!
Mummy xxxx


SkyeMJ said...

What an absolutely adorable little letter!
And what a cute little pixie you have there!



Janinek said...

Adorable pics and in some ways it keeps her a baby that bit longer when she isnt walking. E didnt walk until he was 15months and all the others walked well before their 1st birthday, and you loose the baby charm that not walking brings!