Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday

I cant believe that my first born turned 12 today ! Only one more year till we have our first teenager in the house...should be fun having a teenager, tween, 4 year old & 2 year old ! ?!
As usual the birthday person gets to choose the meals for the day - Caleb is just like his Dad - once your up its breakfast time...Im not quite so enthusiastic about mornings, and the request for pancakes was fine, but it would mean waiting till at about 8am to eat - to long, he had cereal.

So I made the pancakes for morning tea - one giant blueberry pancake as requested!!!!
Excuse the messy hair - I think we all had a bad hair day at this house today LOL
Lasagne is the dinner request, but since between birthday visitors, housework and tending to kids I decided to sew my first ever dress for Jazz today (what was I thinking doing it today!!!!) I think it will be a bought one from the shop - oh well he doesnt mind!!!

Happy Birthday Mate!!!

On to the project that took up most of my day. I got this fabric for about $1/m at spotlight a while back. I wanted something cheap to practice with. I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to make a dress. Ive never attempted to sew a dress before - my biggest achievement to date was PJ pants! Im really not a good pattern follower, so I got one of my favourite little dresses that looked relatively simple and drafted a pattern for the bodice, studied how I thought it was put together and winged it from there. Eventually I got there - and I only had to unpick one little section. Now if little Miss ever decides to walk she can check out its twirling potential - surely by the time the weather warms up she will be well and truely walking! I think she likes it!


Nat said...

Happy Birthday Caleb... and I just LOOOOOVE the dress, and the fabric! Well done!! Dresses can be tricky and fiddly hey!! Its enough to put me off making dolls clothes for a bit I think - even smaller and even fiddlier!! Well done though, looks gorgeous on Miss Jazz

Lilfrankie said...

The little dress looks great, even better on it's gorgeous little model!

Great work!

Little Munchkins said...

The dress looks even better on your DD. Well done, you did a great job!

And happy birthday to Caleb too.

Liam's Mummy said...

That dress is gorgeous! The smile on your little girl, wearing her brand new dress that mummy made just for her is priceless!

Happy birthday, Caleb!

Kylie said...

You did a breat job on the little dress. Looking forward to seeing what you make next. And $1m fabric is a bargin.

Mel said...

Gorgeous! Great little model too!