Friday, November 12, 2010

Homemade Muesli Bars

Yesterday Isaac wanted to make some Muesli bars.

I checked out several recipes on line, got the general idea and off we went. Well I'm glad to report they taste delicious, BUT as far as being a Muesli bar they were just kind of not! Most of it crumbled into many, many pieces when I tried to cut it.

The kids grabbed handfuls, squeezed it together into a bar of sorts, and ate it any way. I keep nibbling as I pass by.

Back to the drawing board with this one!
Any one point me in the direction of a good muesli bar recipe?


Nell said...

Fast Ed (BHand G) has one that we use but I am still tinkering with it as it is quite sweet :) If I remember will bring it with to meeting tonight!

Car said...

Yum! I did one from the 4 ingredients book, lots of peanut butter and honey for sticking ;) Ill post it when I get the chance!

Christie said...

Hi Nic, I have a recipe on my blog mine were crumbly, but stayed together for the most part (enough to cut and portion out). Thanks for the post about the fat quarters comp, I'll be entering that one.

The Handmaden said...

I've had this trouble with muesli bars too.
My husband used to make some marvellous fruit and nut bars. The key ingredient to keeping it all together was glucose. May be worth a try for the muesli too?