Thursday, November 04, 2010

We love the Postie

This morning we had a registered package arrive at the door, amid much excitement from the little ones.

If only you could see the full on melt down occurring a few feet away from this smiling face. Jazz got to get the parcel from the delivery lady, and then it was Isaac's turn to have a hold...she did not want to give it up!!!

I finally succumb to the lure of buying some fabric from the US. I have a wonderful quilt shop in the next town, and usually I get most of my fabrics from there. With the strong Aussie dollar and the cheap US prices, I finally got over my guilt of not supporting local and placed an order. I have been able to justify it to myself, in that I simply wouldn't have made the purchase at all if I had to buy it at AUS prices - I got fabric for summer quilts for Isaac & Jacinta (just need to get backing for them) and fabric for a dress for Jacinta...all for about 1/3 of what it would have cost me here.
I ordered through a store called Hawthorne Threads. I found their prices, customer service and super speedy delivery to be exceptional, and wow, can those girls cram a priority mail satchel to the brim!

Surrounded by wide eyes and exclamations of how gorgeous the prints were (and the kids were pretty excited as well!) we carefully unpacked the beautiful fabrics. The fabrics for Isaac's quilt are mainly the All Star 2 range from Riley Blake in the blue colourway, and all the divine girly prints are The Quilted Fish, Sweet Divinity range in pink, blue and a few cream prints.
With the tantrum of only a few minutes ago forgotten, Jazz was enthralled by the patterns and pretty colours.
and has declared the spotty ones as her favourite prints. I cant wait to get a start on washing, cutting and piecing!


Nell said...

I'm with Jazz - go the spots everytime! Can't wait to see the finished quilts - must have that sewing day sometime soon!

AJ said...

Great pics! I love those fabrics!

PS your kids are cute!