Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Australia Day

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice relaxing Australia day today. The kids and I went off to an Australia day breakfast that the local council and Lions club put on this morning - we go every year with my mum and dad, and the kids love it! I took this pic to record Isaacs first Australia day.

Craig picked Caleb & I up after breakfast and we went and collected a tonne of wood from my Nannas that she gave us. Lovely job when its stinking hot!!! It will save us having to get as much when winter eventually comes though. Mum took the other two kids back in the cool at her place. It was the first time Ive really left Isaac, and it was a bit wierd. I had managed to collect a bottle of expressed milk and he took that with out any problems for her. Ive never had much success expressing milk with the other two, but this time I think Im getting the hang of it. I would really like to keep feeding for as long as possible this time, so it will be handy if I can have some bottles on hand for when I really need to leave him. Cause I missed a feed, I was able to express a whole small bottle whe I got home - I was so excited!!!

Thanks to those who have sent me emails in the last few days to check if Im doing OK. Ive been really quiet around the place lately, mainly because we are WAY over our monthly internet usage. Its nearly double our allowance and is going to cost us a small fortune!!! We are tossing up if it would be worth moving to an unlimited plan, but we will see how the next couple of months go.

I hope you all have a great day celebrating this wonderful country we are so blessed to call home, I cant think of any where else in the world I would rather live and raise my family than right here in Australia.....Advance Australia Fair!!!


Kathie Link said...

What a cute, cute photo! Isaac really is a cutie.
Shifting wood in this heat. You're out of your mind woman!
Yes, being able to express is great. I hired an electric pump a few weeks back and have been meaning to buy myself a little hand pump ever since. You know the next thing you can work on, don't you? If you can express, Craig can get up and do a night feed every now and then, rofl.
Glad to hear you're OK.

Janine K said...

Go the unlimited usage!!!!! Great to see an update, I've been stalking your blog lately and waiting for an update!!! I'm such a busy body!! LOL!!!

Shari said...

What a gorgeous little Aussue bloke Isaac is Nic!!!! Glad to hear things are ok and I know how the internet useage adds up soooo quickly!!!
Take care, Shari xxx

Shazz said...

such a gorgeous pic of your little man on his very first australia day nic - can't wait to see you scrap it.
i agree about the shifting wood too - ARE YOU CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!
it is weird leaving them for the first time. i can remember bawling like a baby when i first left matt (ds1) - and all i did was walk to the shops to grab some milk while he stayed home with his dad - ahhhh motherhood - don't you just love it.


Steph Caskey-Devlin said...

Nicole, hey, finally get to see your blog...looking forward to peeking at your stuff now and then...Bye the way your little man is just gorgeous...
Take Care. S.

Mel Diener said...

lol...that photo is so goregous Nac, he's growing so quickly too. I haven't met him yet, so keep him little for me lol.

Ruthy said...

a gorgeous little bub, Another little Aussie.

Chris Millar said...

Nic, Isaac is just so adorable! Love the flag on the dummy!LOL

Rach Axton said...

HEHEHE.. how adorable!!! and yep get unlimited usage.. it is heaven!!

Rach xx