Saturday, January 14, 2006

my new addiction

I think that Im developing a new addiction to shopping for baby clothes. They are just so darn cute! Ive been giving ebay a fair flogging lately buying up pumpkin patch stuff thats barley been worn, and today when we went on a family trip to TTP I used the excuse I needed to go to the loo, while Craig took the boys into a hobby shop (well Isaac needs a bit of that male bonding time too, and I couldn't take him to the tiolet with me after all, could I!) and I nipped into pumpkin patch to check out their sale. well close to $100 later (in about 10 min flat!) I was back from my little trip with a bulging bag. 5 pairs of pants and two T shirts AND I saved over $50... Some of it is size 0 for this winter though, so Im really shopping sensibly. Must go and check what Im still bidding on with ebay now LOL!

I did this LO last Sunday after we went to the pool. I just LOVE this pic of Craig and Isaac. Its a bit shadowy but there is just something that draws me back to it. I used PP again just because I could too! (plus my cardstock is running dangerously low...something to do with lack of money due to the baby clothes thing!) Its not a really good photo of it, it looks all washed out for some reason, but you know what the papers looks like IRL.

I better head off and season the new wok we just bought, so Craig can use it to cook calamari for tea for us!

Hope everyone is havin' a great and relaxing weekend
Nic xxx


Mel Diener said...

We shall just call you super shopper Nic lmao...that sure was a quick purchase.

Stay away from TTP and get some bazzill woman lol

That photo is fantastic, no wonder you are so drawn to it.

Roz said...

LOL, pumpkin patch is just so addictive- and I don't even have kids lol!! Adn I can't wait to be preggo to go and buy their maternity clothes rotfl!!

Love this LO nic! So fresh and cool and beautiful! And I can see why you love this pic- it's so full of love and emotion!

Shazz said...

oh nic....i did a pumpkin patch shop too while i was in sydney with my sister - got kait some cool clothes - that she chose of course and got my niece some clothes and a hat to match as her birthday gift - i saved over $40.00. gotta be happy with that i reckon (more savings left over for a triup to the scrap store that day)
your lo is just gorgeous....just look at that look on craig's face - love it.

Shazz said...

p.s. post nic
just LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of your blog