Friday, January 06, 2006

Peace & Quiet

Im sitting here with Isaac sound asleep and Caleb & Nath are at my sisters after having a sleep over there last night - its bliss!!! Ive just finished scrapping a LO too. I had a bit of a laugh to myself when I just photographed these two LOs. I did one the other day surrounded by ratty kids with the constsant mum..mum...muuuuuuum going on, the other was finished just now in the peace and quiet - I think each makes its own statement about my mind set when I did them LOL

The snowfalkes and some of the journalling is all hand drawn on this one. I traced some of the large snowflakes from a HS mask, and drew the others freehand, then went to work doodling all around them. Im suprised there is any ink left in my zig writer!

Im not overly excited about the end result - its just so different to my 'usual' style, but its another LO for my New Zealand album done. I geuss it sort of ties in with the whole mucking around feeling of the photos too. (Yes I am trying to convince myself to start liking it!)

This LO I LOVE! Actually it could be just the fact that I love the gorgeous little shoes so much!!! They are the cutest little things I have ever seen, and I really can't wait for Isaac to grow enough to wear them. The titles are handcut and I did the journalling on the computer...I havn't done that for a while. Must mean Ive actually been doing a littel bit of handwriting. I didn't want to handwrite on this one though, it was all so neat and tidy and lined up that I didn't want to spoil it.

So you can see what I mean - the LO that looks a little like a train wreck, or the nice neat orderly LO - can you geuss which one I did when?

One of my friends is going through some pretty heavy personal stuff at the moment and I just wanted to let her know Im thinking of her, and that Im proud that she has had the courage to make the descisions she has. I spoke with her this morning and she sounds like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. (I know she reads my blog and will see this, - she knows who she is - (((Hugs))) you know where I am if you need to talk more!

Im feeling really good about my scrapping at the moment. I feel quite inspired and there are ideas spinning around in my head constantly - so many things to photgraph and scrap, so little time. Its a nice feeling to have back again! Pity its never around when its time to do LOs for the masters or elite teams. Oh well its me and my family I scrap for anyway, so what will be, will be
(kay serah serah!)

Have a good weekend - stay cool/warm depending on what the wether decides it will do - and thats anyones geuss!!!

Nic xxx


Michelle Perry said...

You sod... you made me cry! After all that I have been through, I haven't cried, then you write that and I cry!!


PS: That grey looks great with the other colours! And you know I love that showball LO! It's amazing that you hand drew all that!! Wow!!!

Shazz said...

both los are fantastic nicole - love your "doodling" - amazing.


Roz said...

WOW! Look at the detail on the snow one! OMG!!

And the baby shoes, this is so cute and adorable and perfect!

Nat-Mardon said...

i love BOTH of these layouts Nic. Great that you experimented with the free-hand drawing. It soooo lookprofessionally done, mine would REALLY look like a train wreck if I tried to draw! Lol

I loooove the simpmicity and neatness of the baby shoes one too.. how Cuuuuute are the shoes!!!

Nat :)

Marie said...

My goodness all that doodling. It's - well, words can't really describe it. Awesome!!! Wow!!!