Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Alis favorite LOs challenge

Ive not had a chance to upload my favorite 10 LO yet cause my little man has had a cols for the last two days. He has a mucky eye, is really snuffly and is coughing and sneezing. Poor little thing isn't sleeping too well (me either LOL) casue he cant suck his dummy while his nose is blocked. I feel so sad for him, he still mananged the most gorgeous smile for me when he woke in the night though!!

Here is the first couple of my LOs

I think i love this one cause it was some of the first photos that i took when i got my digital camera. the kids just loved that i let them play down the creek and didn't care when they got soaked lol. the things we do for a photo. im also not really good at using circles on LO, so this
proves i can do it!

This is a bit more recent - obviously. I didnt get many belly shots with my first two pregnancies, so thats probably why i like these pics. The light is just right, and i don't think i look like a beached whale...which i actually did!!! I took these photos myself using the self timer of my camera. they dont have my head in them because i couldnt get the camera far enough away in the room i was taking the photos in.

This next LO is a fave because it really captures my best friend Sabine doing something she loves - taking photos. It also reminds me of all the fun we had on our trip to NZ in 2004.

Thats all I have time for now..stay tuned for the next episode........TFL xxx


Mel Diener said...

All gorgeous layouts Nic..I especially love your big bellied one..haven't seen that one before. Can't believe you managed such fantastic shots on self timer!!!!!

I hope the sniffles go away..poor little darling.

kathie said...

I've told you how I adore your pregnancy layout. Its just beautiful.

Oh no. Poor Isaac. Hope he has a speedy recovery. Jamie's been coughing during the last 24 hours. Hopefully he hasn't caught it too.

Shazz said...

i love your pregnancy lo nicole...maybe cause i am totally in the whole baby zone at the moment waiting for my sister's babe to arrive (hurry up little fella)
i hope isaac is better soon - if you are still breast feeding i was always told that if you squeeze a few drops of breast milk into the corner of their eyes it can help clear that "muckiness" - i think i even did this a few times with mine.


Michelle Perry said...

Beached whale... you...hmph... I don't think so!! You looked sensational and those pics prove it!

Poor Isaac. It's horrible when they have a cold so young, I hope he gets better soon.


janinek said...

Your pregnancy LO looks fantastic the photos are just amazing!!!! And I don't think you look like a beached whale at all!!! I so wanted preggy photos when I had E but I didn't get very big and was waiting till the end, but then I missed the opportunity by having him 3 weeks early!!!

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh Nac, I really really love the pregnancy layout you've done. It captures so much. Simply beautiful!!

Nat x