Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another busy weekend

Im am so looking forward to a nice quiet weekend next weekend, it was a case of de ja vous (sp?) ...stuff for nanna on Saturday, SIL for tea Sat night and a christening on Sunday!!!
I will start with Friday. I went to scrapbook station on Friday morning to drop off my latest design team LO, and ended up walking out about $100 poorer!!! Can't wait to have some time to actually use some of my goodies. That did include about 20 sheets of bazzill though cause Im running incredibly low. This is the last month of the design team as is. From next month we have some changes to the way it is run, and some new people joining us which is really exciting. Janine is such a great person to create for, she has an infectious enthusiasm for scrapping and just LOVES keepoing abreast of all the new products that are released - it was great to have a chance to chat with her and have a sneak peek at all the yummy stuff that will be arriving in the next couple of months. Their web site is going to undergo heaps of changes too, so if you havn't visited pop in and have a lok see as the changes begin to take effect over the next couple of months.

Then it was off to the gorgeous Kathies for a coffee and yummy lunch. And even more importantly to finally meet her asolutlely adorable little man Jamie. He and Isaac hit it off right away..well as much as 3 month old babies can LOL! They both managed a little snooze (kind of!)while we had lunch as well which was nice. It was fantastic to chat with Kathie and hear about someone else going through all the same stuff as a new mum as well. even though this is my third bub, its been along time and there is so much that I have forgotten about when they have growth spurts etc. When you read this Kathie - Isaac loves going on his tummy in his little donut cushion too - can't believe Id never thought of doing this before LOL.

I left Kathies and headed off to do a bit of shopping - what a futile exercise that was. No one at the plaza sold epson photo paper, no one had any rashie tops for the kids before we go away (bad time of the year to be looking for these, but there others are getting very worn out) no one had the little clocks that I was trying to find for my mum to give my nephew for his christening today. The only thing I managed to get was a birthday present for Craigs niece, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. I didn't even go into pumpkin patch - far easier than trying to resist all of the end of season bargains.

Saturday was spent at my Nannas at a garage sale we had to clear out all of her stuff. I was there from 9am - 4.30pm Isaac was so good, but he really didn't sleep much, except cat naps in our arms all day. He really isn't getting into any good sleeping patterns during the day, and its my fault - its just been so busy! He sleeps OK at night though and usually only wakes once for a feed, so thats OK.

Saturday night we had tea at my SIL for her daughter, Rhiannons 10th birthday. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. It was not long ago her and her frinds were just going from kindy to school, now they are just so grown up...won't be long and the whole boyfriend thing will come around i suppose. At least having boys that is one thing I won't have to dael with first hand LOL.

Today we had my sisiters little boy, Rileys christening.

Half way through the service I nearly laughed out loud - his brother Luke who is 3, was all dressed up in little suit pants and a white shirt, he looked absolutely gorgeous. His dad picked him up and i looked down at his feet...don't know if you can pick it but there are little flowers around the tops of his socks - what a crack up - I reckon it might have been a bit of a rush job geting dressed at their house today LOL. It was at 8.30am and then back to their house for brunch after. Eggs, bacon, tomatoes, sausages on the BBQ, big chunky slices of toast with butter and vegemite and a fruit platter.

Issac napped in grandma and grandpas arms (I see a pattern forming here!) He knows how to milk it already - he just gazes up at who ever is holding him, smiling and gooing at them like they are the only person on earth who matters to him LOL - I guess at that particualr moment in time they are!!!! It was a great morning and we were home about 12.30pm. I cleaned out the car and then got a little nap this afternoon while DH spent some quality time with the boys. They played board games, hit the golf balls around, played bocce and had a wonderful time with their dad. I just love seeing them spending time like this with him, they are getting to the age now where they just thrive on this attention from him.

If your still with me, and havn't fallen asleep yet (congratulations youve done well!) thats about it for now. Must go and get everything organised for another school week now.
Catch you soon!!!


kathie said...

What a weekend! Sorry to hear the shopping trip didn't go so well, after you left here the other day. Yeah, those donuts are great for all sorts of things, hey? It was great to see you on Friday. Thanks for the goody basket - that teddy bear is the softest I've felt - and he's washable! The baby oil has already come in useful as Jamie had a whiney day yesterday and got a massage before tea :).
See ya

Mel Diener said...

It's always the way, when you have a specific list of items to buy, you can't find a damn thing lol. had such a busy weekend!!! Where do you find the stamina??

Ruth clarke said...

Weekends, once we thought they were a break from the week, sometimes I think the week is a break from the weekends!LOL!
You were busy girl. Love your work your part of an impressive DT too by what I see.

Nat-Mardon said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend! I'm so green that you and Kathie got to have lunch - I'd so love to meet her and also spend more time with you one day... oh well, maybe I'll just have to come to Adelaide for a holiday one day hey?

Nat :)

steph caskey devlin said...

Wow you don't stop do you....I think us South Australian ScrapAddicts should get together sometime. There is actually quite a few of us.
Let's do lunch.....

See ya, Steph