Monday, February 06, 2006

Great Grandmother

For some reason it wouldn't let me load any more pics in my last post and I wanted to put this one in. I took it on Sunday after the Christening. My Nanna has 7 great grand children, and another on the way. Its not to often we are all together since the little one on her lap is from Sydney, so I wanted to get a shot of them all. What a circus. Riley managed to throw his head back and hit Jessie in the nose, so she was sooking and pouting and very disagreeable. Caleb was having to be bribed to be in the photo at all. The chair was too hard for Nanna, Lucas kept dissapearing behind Jessie, Taylor was slipping off Nannas lap, and Nathan kept looking everywhere except the camera, and Isaac just sat contentedly on his brothers knee taking it all in...considering all of this I geuss the photo didn't turn out to badly LOL, Not quite the relaxed family portrait I was after LOL but it has its own story to tell!!!!


Shazz said...

wow nic. how lucky are you to have that pic - considering the circus involved in getting it.
now let's see how you scrap it.


Ruthy said...

What a precious moment in time.