Monday, September 25, 2006

rain, wind, sun, wind and more wind!

What a whirl wind of a trip. We left home at 6.15am Friday morning and headed off to cape Jervis to catch the ferry across to KI. The ferry trip over was aweful!!! It was really windy. the waves were crashing over the window of the boat (well nearly) and there were people vomiting - mmmm what a great start to the holiday. We ended up sitting outside up the back of the boat in the fresh air and were all fine, even Nathan was OK once we were outside. ( Nathan usually gets car sick anyway, so after two hours in the car, then this ferry trip he was looking as white as!) Dont think he would have been if we stayed inside with that smell though! Thank goodness the ferry only took about an hour.

Once we got to KI we headed off to American River to catch up with my sister and her family. We were originally going to crash with them, but due to unforseen circumstances but they had arranged another place just down the road for us instead. It was a big three bedroom holiday house, and much to the kids delight had ausstar on the TV! We went out driving for the afternoon and saw the honey farm and the sheep cheese dairy. Got to try some yummy sheeps cheese & yoghurt. We loved the haloumi, and feta, but the kids favourite was the kefalotiri - so thats the one we bought home with us. Tasted a few different honeys as well, and the kids decided on getting some cup gum honey - its sweet and mild and very yummy. Bizzarr weather today, one minute its pouring the next there is sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.

Saturday was a huge day. Seal bay,

Flinders Chase national park, Admirals Arch,

Remarkable rocks & Kelly Hill caves.

Lots of guided tours = lots of entrance fees. The kids were really good, especially considering how long we were in the car, and that we were gone all day, and only got 'home' about 6.30pm. It helped that the older four car swapped all the time - having your cousin in the car instead of your brother or sister sure made for some peaceful driving time in both cars LOL. We were really lucky with the weather too. It was pretty windy, but still comfortably warm. Lasagne for tea for most of us. Craig LOVES oysters so he bought 2 doz down at the warf and had them!

Sunday we woke up to STRONG winds and pouring rain, the winds and intermittant downpours stuck around till early afternoon, and had us quite concerned about the ferry trip home. We went and checked out Kingscote and had lunch there (I had my favourite - lamb shanks yummo!) before heading back to pack the car. By the time we boarded the ferry at 5.15pm the winds had eased quite a bit, and the trip home was actually really enjoyable. It wasnt that cold outside, so we went between inside and outside, and the 45min trip was over before we knew it. By the time we got back home it was about 8.30pm. We had packed salad rolls and ate them in the car, and then the kids slept most of the way home.

It was a great family weekend. Would have been nice if it were a few days longer, but you cant have everything LOL

***Isaac cut another top front tooth on Thursday night, and one of the bottom side ones this morning....I didnt even realise this one was close! We are upto 7 teeth now.


Anonymous said...

I wondered how the trip was on Friday, the winds here were just shocking. I've heard all the stories about the 'smell' on the Ferry, you're always better off sitting outside LOL!!!

Glad you had a great time.

Catch up soon

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good trip. KI's beautiful isn't it? We spent our honeymoon over there.
Wow, 7 teeth! Just like that? That's a pretty good effort, little Isaac. We've been having some unsettled nights the last three nights and the only thing that helps is panadol and teething gel, so I'm suspecting we've got some more teeth on their way here too.