Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10 months

What a difference eight weeks can make. The past couple of months have seen some major milestones reached in your little life.

Your elusive toothy pegs have been popping through quite regulary, to date you have cut seven, with the eruption of another looking imminent. I suspect this discomfort may have something to do with the interupted nights sleep we are still getting on a regular basis. So sweet one, once this next tooth has cut, sleeping all night every night it will be! It is such a treat when you actually sleep all night with out waking. Your day time sleeps are now usually for a couple of hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon.

You have mastered the art of crawling. No longer do your movements look awkward or unco-ordinated, but rather you move quickly and with purpose. Your poor red knees are testiment to your method of movement, and you can often be seen scurrying on your hands and feet (rather than hands and knees) to give them a well deserved break. You pull yourself up to stand on anything with in reach, and have just begun, ever so tentitively, to 'cruise' the furniture. Nothing with in reach is safe from your inquisitive grasp.

The warmth of the spring sunshine has allowed us to spend alot more time outside. You explore every nook and cranny, everything that moves or catches your attention is examined thoroughly. The tiny ants are a constant source of fascination. Your chubby little fingers try again and again to touch them as they scurry across the pavers, but they are usually to quick for you. The blades of grass, the rustling leaves, the sandpit and tonka trucks all have you in a state of wide eyed wonder as you methodically try to make sense of our ever changing environment. Mummies peg basket is a firm favourite. Filled with all those brightly coloured pegs, ready to picked up, dropped, chewed on and rattled around. You still adore being in your swing under the pergola. You giggle and kick your legs wildly in anticipation as I hold your feet and pull you towards me, ready to let you go and let you swing back and forth and back and forth.

Sadly at nine months you promptly decided to wean yourself from your last remaining breastfeed. There was no warning. One morning as we snuggled into my bed for your feed, as we had done so many times before, you refused me. No amount of caoxing would convince you otherwise. You now have three bottles of cows milk a day. One in the early hours of the morning, one before your afternoon sleep, and one at bedtime. You LOVE your food, and recently decided that mashed vegies were not suitable food anymore. You like pasta or rice with diced vegies and minced beef , tuna, chicken or turkey. You love fruit, and yoghurt, milk arrowroot biscuits, cheese, weetbix, porridge, hot chips (from the boys plates when we go out) and even pieces of mummies toasted sandwich and are you are surprisingly efficient at chewing up lumps.

You have definately found your voice. Mum mum mum mum was your first word, although Im not to sure it actually refered specifically to me. Nether the less it was your first definate word. You make so many noises. Snorting and squeeky little noises as you suck air back in. You squeal with delight or frustration. You can turn the tears on in a flash when you get put down or when you get growled at. This comes complete with the cutest poutiest little lip dropping face you have ever seen. Its very effective though, it just melts the heart of anyone you pull it on. You also screw up your nose, purse your lips and snort in and out when we tell you to ssshhhhh - you can be so loud. Your comprehension of what Im saying to you is expanding rapidly. When you touch something you know you shouldnt, you sometimes look at me and screw that little nose up before Ive said a word. You stop, momentarily, when we say no. Your legs kick and jiggle around excitedly when you hear the word botbot (your bottle) . When I smell that tell tale aroma and say whos got a poopy bottom, as I scoop you up to change you, you always give me that sly little grin. When I get you up in the afternoon and say lets go and pick up the boys from school, the biggest smile lights up your whole face. Im sure you understand much more than we sometimes give you credit for.

We went away to Kangaroo Island for a couple of days recently. You travel so well, and are so good when we are away. Your routine is totally disrupted, and you manage on very little of your normal amount of day time sleeps. This time we had a backpack for Daddy to carry you in. You just loved being so close to him. You looked so safe and secure sitting there on his back. When Daddy isnt around you look to me to have all your needs met, but when Daddy is around, more and more you are starting to seek him out. You love his company. You love that he takes you around and shows you things and tells you all about them. I love seeing the special bond that is developing between the two of you.

You are growing so fast.
Time seems to be passing us by so quickly.
You are well on the way to becoming a toddler.
I feel blessed that you are such a delightful little baby.
I love you little one.

Mummy xxx

{ I just adore these photos of Isaac. I am going to have a series of them printed to frame on his wall. (I have already scrapped them, and I only took them yesterday!) The little cane chair is actually my Nannas. I have fond memories of sitting in it at her house as child. I like the photos better in colour, but photoshop has me beat tonight - every time I drag them over to the blank canvas layer they change to b/w !!??????


Nat-Mardon said...

How precious Nic! It's so wonderful to read about all the little things your little man is doing. I can't believe its been almost a year since I saw you, looking very pregnant at the SAM retreat last yesr. Gosh, the time just flies!!

I will need to write my man his 4 month letter because these little things are so easily forgotten :(

Those photos are absolutely beautiful! Very 'spring'.

Nat xx

Shazz said...

what gorgeous pics of isaac nic. he is such an adorable little man.
i bet those pics look great on his wall.

have a great week.

p.s. thanks for kathie's email addy

Mel Diener said...

It's so sad when they decide to suddenly refuse to feed anymore isn't it. Both my girls did the same warning whatsoever.

He's just looking so, so cute...bout time you came to see me isn't it? lol

stephdevlin said...

Nic - he is growing up so quickly. I love reading your blog, I feel like I know the little tacker and I love that. The photos are soooo so cute, and his little personality just sparkles.

Bye the way the Countdown Concert sounds wild. Wish I went.

Steph xos