Friday, September 01, 2006


Yeh I know Ive been really slack at updating here, commenting in forums and returning emails (Im still getting to it Michelle!!!) Ive just had one of those I cant be bothered weeks. Ive just felt a bit flat - probably hormonal I would say LOL.

Everything is fine though, and Ive still been lurking around, checking out all of your blogs, and the forums and galleries etc - just couldnt be bothered commenting much - sorry I know that sounds aweful, but Im back now!

I havnt scrapped for about a week either - so many ideas running around in my head, and so little motivation to bring them to reality. I did do half a LO tonight though, and it felt great to get back into again.

Ive been taking heaps of photos, mainly of Isaac (suprise, suprise) - he isnt quite old enough to protest, YET...although its getting much harder to get him to sit still. I keep getting lots of shots like this!!!!

....and this.........

I think he is trying to find out exactly what it is Im always looking inside that little box!!!

The weather here has been absolutley divine the last few days, beautiful warm spring sunshine, and we have been making the most of it and getting outside. My little man just loves crawling around chasing ants, playing with the grass, and exploring the back yard.

Its so cool to watch the absolute wonder on his face as he discovers things for the first time. The sandpit andthe trucks (typical boy, he flipped it straight over and played with the wheels! He was fascinated by the way they spun round and round as he flipped his chubby little fingers on them)

My peg basket full of those colourful pegs was another instant favourite too.

He is just growing up too fast though.

We had a lovely lunch with my Nanna & mum yesterday. I also organised for both my sisters and their bubs to be there too. Got a few pics of Nanna with them all - just a shame that Caleb. Nath & Jess were at school. My sisiter took this one of Nanna, Mum, Isssac & I - not real happy with the actual photo (someone couldnt find the zoom button hey Vic! and on the little 3.2m camera there isnt much cance of croppping to this size and retaining much clarity - and I didnt realise that sun was streaming in quite that badly either - oh well at least I have something to remember the day by!)

I have to admit that I havnt been making the effort to visit either of my Nannas much lately. Life just seems so busy. I really am going to try and see them at least once a month now though. They just adore seeing the kids, especially the bubs, and at 85 & 90 they are not going to be around forever. I really want my boys to have some fond memories that they can cherish forever.

I will upload some pics of baby Tanner soon. Ive only got ones of him with his Mum, and I keep forgetting to ask if she minds me putting them on here.


Katie Toland said...

Hi nic, i totally understand, i've been flat out lately and have been reading a few blogs but keep forgetting to leave comments! isaac looks so adorable in the garden - the weather has been fantastic lately!

Michelle Perry said...

Wondered where you'd gone!

Hasn't the weather been gorgeous! Isaac looks like he's loving his time in the garden. Isn't it lovely to be able to let them play out in the fresh air!

kathie said...

Isaac is looking so grown up! I love that red sunhat. How do you manage to keep a hat on him? Jamie pulls his off nowadays. I don't even have time to snap a photo before he's got the hat off already!
Yes, treasure your grandmothers. They're not going to be around forever.
And happy birthday for Friday!

steph devlin said...

Hippie Birdie Two Ewes for Today. (friday)

Have a fantastic day Nic...Relax and treat yourself.

I adore the photos of Isaac in the garden. Just beautiful. Don't you just love the beginning of Spring.... Such a wonderful time.

Steph xo

Michelle Perry said...

Me again!

Just wanted to say 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' for today.

Hope you had a great day at the show and that all the boys spoiled you rotten!

Take care

NicW said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TODAY NAC !! hope you have had a wonderful day !! thinking of you !!