Saturday, September 16, 2006

so much for...

blogging regularly! Its becoming a bit of a weekly update thing now LOL I spend to much time reading everyone elses blog to update mine more often - everyone elses lives are far more inrteresting anyway! Ive started popping back into the forums a bit too so htere is another chunk of time taken up on the 'puter.

Since last time....Happy Birthday to Mel & Katie - hope you both had great days and got spoilt rotten!

........Sunday night we were offered corporate box tickets from friends to go and see the countdown concert - it was awesome! Lots of oldies but goodies like Brian Mannix (I used to think he was so hot! what was I thinking????) the Chantoozies, Sherbet, Hush, John Paul Young, Leo Sayer (he is SO short and its probably daggy but I quite like his music!), James Reyne (very cool), Mondo Rock, Jon English, Cheetah, Joe Dolce, Choirboys (Run to Paradise - love that song!), Jo Jo Zep, Swanee, Renee Geyer and Paul Norton, Alex Smith( from Moving Pictures), Shane Howard (from Goanna), Scott Carne (from Kids In The Kitchen), James Freud & Sean Kelly (from the Models), Brian Canham (from Pseudo Echo - Yippee he sang funky town), Dave Sterry (from Real Life), Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch (from the Eurogliders), Wendy Stapleton (from Wendy & The Rocketts), Frankie J Holden & Wilbur Wilde (from Ol’ 55), Stephen Cummings (from The Sports) and Billy Miller (from The Ferrets).

Now I gotta admit there were some songs, and some of that list of 'stars' that I had never heard in my entire life - apparently according to Pete - the music guru! - I must have been hiding under a rock for half my life (mmm quite possible) I think it might be Im not as old as some LOL.

Wasnt that keen on sherbert - never have been into them though, and Renee Gayer OMG!!! I think she should have just stayed home (just my opinion, in case there are any die hard RG fans reading)

The rest of the week consisited of running around getting Nath ready for his first 'real' school camp, shopping, cleaning, school canteen etc etc!!!

Friday Sabine and I hit Harbour town as a bit of a birthday treat for us both, AND we did it with NO kids. It has been so long since we had a chance to just hang out for that long with out any of the kids (or husbands!), no pushers, no stopping to feed and change them etc etc. It was fantastic, and way over due. We ran out of time to get into all the shops, so we will have to go again now. Thanks for an awesome day - your the best 'old' (nearly!) girl!

I spent some birthday money and got two denim skirts (OMG, for those that know me Im so NOT a skirt or dress girl, give me jeans or 3/4 pants anyday - but I actually really like both of them) and a pair of 3/4 cargo pants from Rivers, two T shirts and a beaded bracelet from Table 8 and a gorgeous knittted jacket from Colarado. More clothes than I usually but in a whole year!
Oh yeh there is a pumpkin patch outlet down there too - say no more except Isaac did equally well out of the day!

And check out my new hat - I love it!!! Im also not into hats either, so the fact that Ive actually bought one is amazing in its self. Now to see if I actually wear it - if not it will look really funky on my hat rack!!! (and the colours and pattern have my mind ticking over for a LO)

My plans for the next week -

Monday - Scrap shopping at Scrapbook station (so I can finally see Janine again- its been too long - you better have the kettle on!) and catching up with Kathie and Jamie. (and anyone else who wants to come buying yummy stuff, we will be there about 10am)

Tuesday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sabine!!!!! Who is officially older than me once again!

Wednesday - Calebs senior primary school concert/musical.

We are heading away for a couple of days, so I have to get packed and organised for that. Id also like to fit some scrapping with all my new goodies in there somewhere as well. I have to do a two month update (since I never got around to last months) on my little man who will be 10 mnths on Tuesday. Speaking of Isaac, we finally had his fourth tooth break the gum this morning - still two more that are really close. When they are all cut through he is going to start sleeping ALL night with out waking up (ROTFLMAO - I wish!)

Bye till next time!

***EDIT*** do you like my new blogger template? I felt like a change and I did it about a week ago but it wouldnt change....... until just then GGRRR. In doing this Ive managed to loose all my links etc double GGRRR, so lets add find and add back all my links to everyone and everything to my list of things to do this week.


kathie said...

Wow, I'm envious of all that time sans baby (or husband, lol)!
See you on Mon. I'll be the one sneezing in the corner.

Katie Toland said...

Well Nic, no wonder you don't have time to update your blog!! LOL You are one busy mumma. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Happy birthday to you too, I didn't realise you just had yours too, and so close to mine... and if I remember correctly is it your wedding anniversary on 8/4 too? If it is then that's just too freaky. Same wedding anniversary and very close birth dates. ooooo-o-ooooo-oo.

OK I'm obviously VERY sleep deprived right now ROFLOL

Anonymous said...

I'm just checking to see if I can leave comments on your blog now. And it looks like I can! Yay. I think that the comment issue with beta blogger has been fixed.
Only thing now... I'm no longer receiving comments to my email addy. Aaaargh! LOL.