Friday, December 01, 2006

brrmmm brrmmm

brrmm brrmm brrmm. Its such a little boy noise. No longer the babble of an infant, but the sounds of a little boy at play. OK well its really more of a bwwww bwww sound, but you only make it when you are pushing along your little cars, or trucks, or buses or anything else with wheels. It is just so cute. You are growing up so fast.

I heard you say another new word for the first time yesterday. "oo" (as in pool). You say this when something catches you eye that interests you. It used to be a sucking air in noise, but yesterday it was more like a real word. I got this photo of you saying it today, as you saw a bird fly past. Its just so precious the way you learn a new sound or word, and then practice it over and over for days.


Nat-Mardon said...

Hey Nic!! How cute is he... I really can't get over how much Isaac and Jamie are growing up too! Eli has made a cute new sound this week too... he does a little kinda clicking with his tongue that sounds like a kiss! So cute! However he never seems to do it when Greg's around, so he hasn't seen it yet!!

Mel Diener said...

He really is a little boy now isn't more baby, sniff sniff.

Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't he precious! They are learning new things every day now, aren't they? Really growing exponentially. I love that photo of Isaac on the rock, and aren't you so clever to catch the photo of him seeing the bird. Beautiful.
Looking forward to catching up tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

How super cute in the pic on the log! You must scrap that one!
He is pretty big boy for one hey>?