Wednesday, December 13, 2006

yesterday, today, tomorrow

Yesterday - I had a great time at the beach with Nathans class. We went to Seacliff, its a lovely beach. It was good weather for spending a whole day there, a little chilly for the kids and their poor teacher when they came out of the water, but great for beach cricket & sandcastle making!

I came home , picked up the boys from school, Isaac from Grandmas, showered, changed, and
Isaac & I headed back to town for the concert. It was just beautiful. Monices class all came onto the stage, each with one of their teachers...some used walkers, some were in wheelchairs and Monice was on a really big three wheeler bike - which she obviously loved as she got to centre stage, threw her head back and gave the cheekiest huge smile. I of course fought to hold back the tears - it was jsut precious...something about school concerts, especially when its your very first.
I had to leave early as the boys were in a nativity play back home. I got there just before they started - they were exhausted but did a great job. Nathan was a shepard, and Caleb a wise mans servant. Jessie & Luke were angels as well. Its beautiful to watch. All of my boys have played baby Jesus the year they were born and its become a bit of a christmas tradition now to be in it at least one night. Its a late night though, they do preformance at 8.45pm and one at about 9.10pm!

Today - today both the boys classes have class parties at lunch time. I dropped them off and went upto mums to wrap pressies, then since Isaac was asleep I made a platter of cold rolls for Nath and dropped them at the school. Check out what I made for Caleb...a bit girly but oh so cute. Saw it online somewhere and loved this was the perfect opportunity to make them. Not a very healthy choice I must say...but his note never mentioned the word healthy, and I always send healthy stuff so he was thrilled to be taking sweet biscuits and lollies!!!
Got my chrissy cards back yesterday and they are fantastic! Have to address and send them off today

Tomorrow - School finishes early. My other sister Jodis birthday


Nat-Mardon said...

Oh wow, how CUTE are those little lolly cups - I bet all the mums thought you were something special! I will have to make them one time - don't look too hard either! How did you stick the half-lifesavers to the marshmallows?

The boys look great in their costumes Nic!

Mel Diener said...

Those tea cups are so delish. There was some at dads 60th, they didn't last long, I can assure you lol.

Gee you have been so busy haven't you!!! You'll be glad when Christmas arrives so you can relax a bit hey rofl

Anonymous said...

Your tea cups look amazing! You are really creative in the kitchen aren't ya girly! I am a total slucker man!

Anonymous said...

Nic I love the nativity scene!!! And those marshmallow cups are sooo cool. My daughter saw them and wants to make them now too!

Megan xx

steph devlin said...

Nic, those tea cups are amazing. Soooo cute. You are a super mum you know that don't you ?? It's fantastic seeing that creativity of yours spread to another genre. Wish I could say the same. The kitchen and I have agreement not to spend too much time together. LOL.

Lovin that layout with Kathie. Such a beautiful bond you two share.

Steph xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole! These little lollie cups are sooooooo cute!! I'm going to have to remember this idea! Have a wonderful and safe Christmas!