Friday, December 08, 2006

Merry Christmas

They are done !!! So much for being super organised and havinfg them sent out n=by the beginning of December. I sent through the order to have the family ones printed last night and Im in the process of emailing out all the others. GGRRRR some times computers give me the irriks! Would have been quicker to email them each seperately LOL apologies to any one that received it more than once. Ive had issues with outlook this morning!!!

I did it on Photoshop. The spacing on it looks a bit off here, but it gets cropped a bit when they print it (as I found out when I had Isaacs 1st birthday invites printed...and couldnt use them cause half the writing was missing!!! - cant believe Im using the same online printing people again - better not happen a second time!)

I meant to let those of you who were interested know that the diary I did for my mum came out really well. I think she will love it. The pics are not photo quality, a little grainy. but its not photo paper its printed on, and they are quite open about that. It is however really good quality heavy weight pages. Im getting desk calendars done for Craig & my Dad, and a photo book of our houseboat trip earlier in the year for Craigs parents. Now I want a diary too - when Ive got a bit of spare time LOL


Anonymous said...

All three of them look super cute! Looks like they love their little brother heaps :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't they look so cute with their little fluffy Christmas hats. Mind you, with the temperature soaring this morning, all that fluff looks a wee bit hot. I'm sitting in front of the airconditioner and I'd like to see anyone try to move me to do anything, lol!

Ruthy said...

What a beautiful chrissie card. Your boys are gorgeous, going be little heart stealers I say. I love your photography especially on that one in the pool with the water! Have an awesome christmas and look forward to staying in touch over the next year!
Love Ruthy x