Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Wow what a full on couple of days! Good Friday we had brunch with all the family at my Mum & Dads...lots of yummy food, lots of happy kids, and a fantastic egg hunt through the garden! Today we had lunch with Craig's family and yet another egg hunt! Isaac has the hang of this looking in the garden for Easter eggs, he is loving it...he even had the cutest little basket up at Nannas today to put his eggs in as he found them! Its been great to hear the boys talking about the real meaning of Easter as well...often too easily a forgotten thing amongst the commercialism that surrounds many of our religious holidays and celebrations these days. Its been great to spend quality time with family and friends!

Caleb's pet fish 'spider' died on good Friday, he thought it was pretty cool that he died on the same day as Jesus, but then after a bit of thinking, cheekily suggested he might just rise again on Sunday!

Happy Easter everyone! and a big happy anniversary to me!!! (12 years OMG where has the time gone!!!) and also to two other lovely girls that share this same anniversary date...Katie and Rozzie! We went to dinner tonight..only to find out the place that Craig had booked into wasn't even open tonight!!!!!!! Think I might be giving them a little phone call tomorrow! We found somewhere else and had a nice dinner romantic night for us though...DH plans to stay up all night (well practically!)watching the grand prix, then the cricket, then the golf!!! Im so not into watching sport on TV, so it will be the computer then off to bed for me!

I will leave you with some photos from over Easter weekend....
and this last one is for the second part of the blog photo challenge that I set at Scrapbook Station last week....share an Easter tradition. Instead of making Easter nests or baskets the kids leave out their hats! It all started when they were quite young and we went camping up the river over Easter. We completely forgot about making Easter nests, and only remembered as we climbed into our sleeping bags that night...the boys went into a bit of a panic about where Easter bunny would be able to leave the eggs, and in my fastest thinking mummy brain I suggested they leave their hats at the end of their sleeping was the only thing that was in sight and even slightly suitable! From that Easter on, hats left out the night before Easter it has been LOL


kathie said...

Love the photo of the little hats :). Jamie has been scoffing on white chocolate all weekend. He loves it!
Happy anniversary! I'm glad that you found somewhere to eat out at. What a bummer, that they booked for a night they were closed, lol! You think someone would have realised and rung you to let you know!

Nat-Mardon said...

What a sweet little tradition :) And things like that are what make each family so special...

And happy anniversary too!! Must have been a popular time to get married huh!

And I'm hoping 'spider' didn't come back to life again did he? I think that one's reserved for the son of God, sorry Spider!!

Great to hear your kids reflecting on the real reason of Easter too, you're right, it IS too easily forgotten, and even rather hard to get kids to try to think about it in the hype of chocolates and easter bunnies!

Hope you're also having a nice Easter Monday!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

I have to get around to blogging your topic :D

Love the hat idea how totally cool!

OMG 12 years, far out girl! Nearly 12 months for me now lol!

Glad u had a had happy easter!

SamD said...

LOL about the fish :)

You have been creating some gorgeous LO's lately - love all the little glimpses into your everyday.

Happy anniversary.