Monday, April 02, 2007


There are several challenges running on the Scrapbook Station Forum at the moment.

The first is a scrapping Challenge. Lydell is setting a sereies of 'Proof of life' LO challenges. This LO is for the first challenge. (If you want to get all the details or join in, sign up to the forum..via clicking on the message board link on the homepage)

The second challenge was started by Lisa. Its a really easy one, so we would love as many people to join in as possible. All you have to do is post a photo on your blog. The first challenge set by Lisa was your favourite thing/things around your house.

I have to set the next challenge.

Its in two parts.

part one - share a photo of something in or around your home/everyday life that drives you crazy.

part two - share a photo of one of your easter traditions.

If you decide to join in either pop by the forum and let us all know, or leave me a comment here with a link to your blog..Id love to pop by and see your photos.

OK... this is my photo for part one...this is what drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously how hard is it to put the newspaper away when your finished with it. It is always left lying on the table. On the weekends I swear I put it away a million times a day, but it keeps magically reappearing on the table GGGRRRRRRR. I wish the dishes would keep magically loading themselves in the dishwasher instead LOL


kathie said...

Love your proof of life LO, Nic. All the little things that let us know you've been around. It got me thinking about what mine might be. Aaah, I can feel another layout coming on.

Grrr about the newspapers. I took your challenge (before I saw this) and it may comfort you to know that my pic is sort of along similar lines ;)

Mel Diener said...

I haven't even done Lisa's challenge yet..eeekkk, I'm such a slacker. That gripes me too Nic, I swear, someone is going to end up with a newspaper in a compromosing position one day rofl.

lee woodside said...

Totally loving this layout!!

janinek said...

Love your proof of life LO! And why is it that men can't read a paper in one sitting and then toss it out!!